Lockdown !!!

The citizens of Stromdorf had been in an imposed lockdown by order of the emperor Karl Franz for almost twelve months after an outbreak of doubleskullitus a lethal disease that had a high mortality rate especially in the most confident people blood bowl coaches where said to be especially vulnerable!

The town had a series of strict rules you could go out as long as you stayed in unless you knew six people then you could see them outside as long as you stayed inside you could go to work but you couldn’t go to work you could work from home but not go out to get in this had a terrible effect on Stromdorfs blood bowl team the Stompers mainly the loss of Arturo Scalluci the ‘Tilean Terror’ aka the ‘Butcher’ as he had been outside the town when the town was quarantined he could have entered if he’d wanted but as he was a man of no integrity or loyalty chose to make off with 100 gold coins of the teams treasury and two cheerleaders! The team had been holed up at the stadium and though they’d been training where possible they lacked match practice that can only be gained by getting your skull caved in by an angry troll so it was as major relief to all when it was announced that lockdown had ended and the team could re enter the glorious field of play !!

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