Lord Zelazad stepping up for the Brawlers

Glubnut sat high in the locker room rafters in his hammock. He kept out of the way of all the team now. He still had no idea why Lord Cinderbreath spared him. He was still shunned by all, rarely playing a game and if looks could kill, wow. But Cinderbreath had said no harm should come to him. That still didn’t stop the odd heavy handed challenge whilst training. Zitbit had now left the team. When it was known it was his dagger used in the attempt on Baldricks life, he too was shunned. Unfortunately he didn’t have Cinderbreaths protection. He left looking for a new team.


Yohun Hoofstomp of the Hashut Howlers wandered into the locker room. Glubnut sat up. If Cinderbreath knew he was here there would be quite the scene he thought with a grin forming across his face. He still hadn’t come to terms Chaos Dwarfs playing along side Orcs and Skaven.

Yohun sat with Baldrick and Lufin. Baldrick craked the Fire-water. “Long it has been since we have seen you brother, what brings you this way”. Yohun explained how the Coach at the Howlers had decided to re-model the club from the roots up. “The Blitz league is a different animal altogether brothers, but the coach has hopeful plans” Agreeing with an Orc Warboss to supply the team with players for the upcoming “re-build” wasn’t particularly agreeable.  It wasn’t long until the three young Bulls were cheering and singing, stomping and yelling. “I saw that Zitbit Gobo in the Crispy Lizard” laughed Yohun “sweeping away trying to stay out of eye line he was”. Baldrick smirked, “one down and one to go” He winked and all three looked directly at Glubnut. GULP.

T-Bone heard the commotion and stormed into the locker room “So you’re looking to replace me already Baldrick” he growled. The three bulls squared up to T-Bone, his hulking mass dwarfing them. Glubnut was loving it.

Lord Zelazad had heard enough. Taking a sip from his flask, he smashed over the lockers interrupting what Glubnut thought was imminent bloodshed. “What is it with you Bulls? Thinking you are better than your teammates at whatever team it seems. This is why we have such issues as a team. We don’t work together, we are always brawling and arguing”

T-Bone’s head dropped. I sight very rarely seen and certainly not by any of his teammates. He knew he had a poor opening season, and he knew Baldrick had disrupted the team to bring him on board.  He wouldn’t show his teammates his disappointment. He raised his head and looked Zelazad straight in the eye.

“Lord Cinderbreath has taken a step back at present, the higher council require him to attend to an incident regarding a runestone and Skaven rat ogre. He has left me in charge and if you don’t like it, you’re all out”. Baldrick wanted to stomp Zelazad there and then but being Cinderbreath’s cousin, thought better of it. He also knew he was right but again would never show it. “We need to work together if we are to succeed. If the Team doesn’t start picking up, it will be the mines for all of us. I have reached out to anther team and we shall soon have another blocker joining us from the Doomsday Dirtys. He has a tendency to slash things when he gets a little excited”

“As for you Glubnut, something better happen on or off the pitch soon for you or permission has been granted to, shall we say, let Baldrick have his way”

“Yohun, its time for you to return to your team. Baldrick, Lufin and T-Bone, time for you to step up”.

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