Los Pumas Season 4 Champion’s Review

With the end of Season 3’s disappointment of failing to retain The McMurty’s Famous Bowl still fresh in the memory, Head Coach DiscoDavo was keen to lift the spirits of the players.  Feeling the team was too one dimensional he thought he would look to add a little pace to the side and having heard of a remarkable young man in the reserve team, the same team (UFC) that the tough ST5 Royce Gracie came from, he went along to oversee a few farm matches and what he saw was pure unadulterated, hot, dirty, nasty speed.

DiscoDavo was so excited by what he had seen he signed the player immediately.  With the deal complete and his delight brimming over DiscoDavo called his wife and said “we done it baby, it’s a celebration, Conor McGregor has signed, break out the red panties!”

With Los Pumas being the only Human team in the MMLPro League most teams didn’t take much notice of Conor’s arrival and they weren’t considered by many as true title contenders; allowing Los Pumas to go about their business away from the spotlight.  They opened up the Season 4 campaign with a hard fought 3-1 victory against a European Dwarf team Praag no5, losing 51 – 35 in blocking but the Humans stood strong and walked away with only 1 injury from the match. New signing Conor McGregor scored 2 touchdowns but still the media stayed fairly muted on this superstar of the future.

Game 2 was a slightly easier affair against a newly promoted team and coach with a 4-0 victory over Da Green Fists, this was mainly down to Conor and his first hat-trick for his new team.

The third game, the game that almost ended Los Pumas forever!!  Yate Yobz 2.3 arrived for the game looking angry and boy did they let it all go on the field… 61 blocks, 6 injuries and 1 death… it would have been 2 deaths but the amazing Apothecary, Bendy Sue, brought Royce Gracie back from the other side.  With the game nearing its end and only 5 players on the pitch the 1-0 lead looked to be slipping away and a draw was the best Los Pumas could hope for.  But after some sterling defence by the soon to be deceased Viscount Bosch to strip the ball from the Orc’s, Conor McGregor once again took the match into his own hands and secured a 2-0 win. With only 12% ball possession, this was a true counterattacking master-class.

After the savage beating handed out by Yate Yobz 2.3, Los Pumas were looking for a nice easy week 4 to gather themselves and spend some quality time with Bendy Sue.  But this was not the case, TMNL rolled into town and looked pumped.  There was only one thing to do, run, hide and pretend to be Elves… okay that was three things but you get the point!!  No one did this better than… you guessed it, Conor McGregor, who secured his 2nd Hat-trick of the season helping to secure a 4-2 win.

Conor was now being talked about by most MMLPro commentators as being a ‘special’ player, DiscoDavo was not happy with the added attention so decided to invite Week 5 opposition coach ntb_99 and Bendy Sue away for the week and agree to call the game a draw… there is no evidence to prove this and is purely conjecture.  However neither team turned up on game day and was declared 0-0. (And just to prove how amazing he is, Conor picked up the MVP in this non-event!)

Feeling refreshed from his week away, DiscoDavo took his team to Granite City in week 6 to face the Grimbeards and hobbled away with a 2-0 win.  And in week 7 with a playoff spot secured Los Pumas let their unbeaten season slip away with a disappointing 2-1 loss to the pesky White Owls who had beaten them in the Season 3 Bowl game… If they hadn’t beaten Los Pumas in the bowl game Conor McGregor could still be in the Farm; I guess we all have The_Stu176 to thank for his arrival into the Pro league… THANKS STU!!!

So to the Playoffs, this was new territory for DiscoDavo and Los Pumas.  It was exciting times and to be drawn against the highest point scorers in the regular season was a great honour.  The match against Just Norsin’ Around coached by CommieCOZY may have ended in controversial fashion, but that should not draw attention away from the fact that this was a hard fought, brutal game that at the premature end only had 12 players on the pitch. With Los Pumas 2-0 up when the lights went out the result stood. And FYI, Conor scored both TD’s and picked up the MVP for Los Pumas!

The semi final was, well, spectacular to say the least! It wasn’t so much Blood as it was Bowl!  Los Pumas were up against the second highest point scorers in the regular season, Seathiel Treehawks a Wood Elf team coached by Sacerdotalist. Los Pumas edged the Blocking 25-24 and the armour breaks 4-3 and both teams securing 1 KO each… but that was not the spectacular bit!  With two attack minded teams, this was never going to be a toe-to-toe fist fight.  Los Pumas have tried to out muscle Woodies in the past and sport an unspectacular 0-2 record!  A new game plan was needed… give the ball to Conor and let him do his stuff… Well it’s a newish game plan!!  Conor once again stole the show completing his 3rd Hat-trick of the season.  The third TD coming on Turn 15 after the Treehawks had just equalised making it a tense 2-2 game.  DiscoDavo turned to his Wizard for the first time this season and asked him to open up a gap for Conor to slip through, neither let him down!!

That’s 5TD’s post season to add to the 11 scored by Conor in the regular season.

The Final, had finally arrived!!  The Conor Mcgregor final!! How many will he score? Will he get another Hat-trick??  Short answer No!!  Royce Gracie, who told DiscoDavo about McGregor in the first place was getting a little fed up that his awesome strength and solid game play was going unnoticed by the media and Bendy Sue, so he decided to do something about it… Let Physique slip through this tackle zone and knock McGregor out!  This was not the ideal way to get noticed but Royce didn’t disappoint again, he blitzed all night and secured himself 2 TD’s helping the team complete a 3-1 victory over the fantastic Dignity coached so well by Sestonn.

DiscoDavo would like to thank all the coaches he has faced this season for giving him such entertaining games. Also a thanks to all the coaches in the MML for making the league the competitive fun, friendly environment it is.  And lastly a massive thanks to Preach and all the other board members for keeping such a great league running so smoothly… LONG LIVE THE MML!


  1. Very nice article, enjoyed the final a lot. Always fun to see how one player can change how a team plays. Keep up the good work and best of luck in S5

  2. Nice season recap! I only wish the Kru had had an opportunity to meet your lads on the pitch! Congrats on a well earned, well deserved Championship!

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