Mad Frankie Fraser

(caption) Mad Frankie Fraser Taking Care Of Business

Name Mad Frankie Fraser

Nickname Crazy Bull

Team Plague Ridden Cowboys

Honours Top Brute and Top Casualty Leader Of The Pros Season 8, Supporters Favourite Player Season 8, Hung Like A Bull Winner (3 Times),

Favourite Food   Khorne Flakes (Don’t tell papa Nurgle if you do I will deny it and then kill you)

Motto  Do to your opponent what he would do to you but do it first

Favourite Colour  Blood Red

Did You Know  Before becoming a famous Blood Bowl player he had a job as a model and won Hung Like A Bull three years running before turning his back on the cat walk and swapping his Gucci hooves for Blood Bowl cleats. He also made the front cover of Spike Magazine last season.

Pet Hates  Litter bugs (Last season against stop rolling ones I slipped on a banana Peel and knocked myself out, someone thought it was the cheap shot the elf put on me, but that is a lie), People who don’t wash there hands after they go to toilet that’s how germs are spread,

Bucket List  Kill Kris Terd how dare he win that Journalist Award that should of been Thundens and kill all those who voted for the 2 bit reporter that should of been Thundens award you hear!!!! Disco Divas to show them its not guard that kills its Mad Frankie Fraser, Have my own merchandise T-Shirts. Foam Claws, Toothbrushes (Hygeine is important kids) and star in a kids cross the road safety commercial.

Favourite Program  Thundens and Preach Pod Cast its awesome, as a kid I used to love four little ponies that was funny they where my heroes.

Best Moment In The MML  Making My Pro Debut and then winning end of season awards

Worst Moment In The MML Missing out on the bowl game against the pumas I really wanted to face off against there legend Royce Gracie

Future Goals  Make it to Legend Status in the MML and be the most feared enforcer in the MML

Pre Match Ritual  Sharpen My Claws, Dodge a 100 wrenches to get in shape and match ready, Sign Autographs and pose for photos with the fans and kill the opposing supporters, Lead the team huddle before kick off.

Toughest Opponent  Irish Car Bomb this guy hits almost as hard as I do

Best Friend Fellow Plague Ridden Cowboy player Ramjet. he does the scoring and taking care of the ball which means I get more time hitting the opposition.

Favourite MML Enforcer  Shawn Michaels he was awesome he would take on the biggest toughest guys of the opposition he deserved a better death then been stomped on by some filthy rats.

Role Model Winston Churchill (You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: Victory. Victory at all costs—Victory in spite of all terror—Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival) The guy was a legend I usually read a few of his famous speeches on game day to get me psyched up!

Mad Frankie Fraser With His Team Mates






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