Marketplace Open… Please Read

4. Marketplace

The transfer window will be open on The Farm between seasons. Transfer windows are a privilege not a right and the League reserves the right to open and close such windows as necessary and without notice.Any coach caught circumventing or taking advantage of the marketplace for gain outside what the League and its collective coaches would consider fair market is prohibited.

Teams that stay in the League from one season to the other will benefit most from the marketplace, since they will already be in the League from prior season(s) and have the most exposure to open windows.

4.1 Open Transfer Market Rules

Pro/Challenge Teams:
  • Pro Teams are permitted to purchase one player from the Farm during the open transfer market periods.
  • Pro Teams are prohibited from selling any players to other teams.
Farm Teams:
  • Farm Teams are permitted to purchase and sell players freely during open transfer market periods (unless such a transaction would be a prohibited transaction, such as buying and/or selling multiple players to a Pro/Challenge Team, etc.).

*Pro/Challenge teams are defined as a team that is currently participating in an MMLPro/Challenge Season and/or registered to participate in an upcoming Season.

*Farm Teams are defined as a team that is currently participating in the MML Farm league, and is not registered for upcoming MMLPro Season play.


I wanted to start by highlighting the section of the rules that will apply to the marketplace and the rest of this article.  Things to be noted are Pro/Challenge Teams CAN NOT sell players.  Another thing of note is Pro/Challenge Teams can only buy ONE player.

Alright, Now that the rules have been covered lets work on how we are going to get that star player to your MMLPro.

  • First step if to get the selling team and buying team into the market place. (Contact More_Shots on PSN to get tickets sent out.  Coaches name, Team name and players being sold or bought in PRO translations will be required)
  • Once tickets are accepted, The selling team places the player on the market (Selling team, Team Roster Tab, Press “X’ to open the players card, then press “triangle” for put on the market, then press “X” to validate the action. The cost that the game calculated should be the correct amount for the leagues as covered in a previous article.
  • In farm to pro transfers a league commissioned “Chris James” Team will bid on the player.  To complete the transaction the selling team must go into Team & League Management from the main menu.  Then the My Transfers tab, then press “L2” to get to the Sales area, then select the player and finish the transfer.  The “Chris James” team will then document the player for a press release at the end of the transfer window to celebrate all the new players going pro.
  • Then the “Chris James” Team will repeat the sales process to the Pro/Challenge Team.

(Farm to Farm Teams do not require the “Chris James documentation step.  But, the “Chris James” teams are available to assist in the transfers if needed for Farm to Farm transactions)

We will try to make this process as quick and easy as we can.  I will try to make myself available daily for transfers.  I thank you all in advance for you patience in completing these transfers.  The game doesn’t make them very easy to do.  I think it is great that our league has transfers and it is one of the things that really separate us from the other leagues.  With that the transfer window is now open.