Match Preview Plague Ridden Cowboys Versus The Gingerbread Boys



Hello and welcome to a new part of the Plague Ridden Cowboys Franchise my name is Troy Mcsploring and I’m going to be your weekly expert on all the upcoming games of the Cowboys in the MML. We will be looking at there opponents and finding out the players to watch and key match ups and strengths and weaknesses so lets get on with it shall we.


The Cowboys have got off to a frustrating start after drawing there opener 2-2 against the Skuttle Butts even though holding onto the ball for a whopping 93% they couldn’t take home the spoils thanks to two one turn touchdowns for superstar Jiven.  Plus points where Mad Frankie Fraser started how he left off last season and was causing carnage and killing star players. Last week was a mess when they got man handled by the Bill Cower Power Hour and just about everything went wrong and best to put a line threw that game but the loss leaves them with very little error in there remaining games. Totally opposite for there opponents who last time out drew a thriller with the Skuttle Butts 3-3. Before that they put in a very impressive performance by destroying the Impressive Snitchburgh PieRats what set a real marker for there intent for the new season and as we go to print the Gingerbread Boys are second in the league.



 Not as quick as he once was but should get away with it here as the Nurgle are not very quick either. Strength 4 Agility 4 Blodge Guard piece whats not to like about this guy already off to a flying start scoring two touchdowns already and has a massive role here taking on the Power House of the Cowboys Offensive line. Been able to assist and help catching and passing the ball thanks to his agility four will help against the countless disturbing presence what are on the field. Also will take some heat off star thrower Eeny Meeny Miny Macaroon especially since other strength four blitzer Rub a dub doughnut misses this game.

Dr Death (Plague Ridden Cowboys)

Big Money Off Season Signing for the Cowboys this guy cost a lot of money and was brought in to dominate the middle and taking out the Enforcers of the opposition. Its fair to say he has had a slow start to the season with just the one injury in two games and only throwing 14 blocks overall this though may have more to do with Mad Frankie Fraser increased early season production. But still just the one Injury and two knock outs needs improving on to put him anywhere near the enforcer he was brought in to be but still early days and plenty of potential. If he lives up to his billing could punch holes right up the middle for Ramjet to exploit.


Gingerbread Boys have proven time and time again they are hard to beat with plenty of draws in there Pro History and with key pieces and 320k of inducements to play with, and started the season in form they must have a great chance to get something at Puke Hill. The Safe option would be a 1-1 Prediction but would that be enough for the Cowboys this much vaunted offensive line has to start getting it done and they have a decent chance tonight of getting that done, with 3 guard pieces this will help them although The Gingerbread boys have five the power of the Nurgle  3 Strength 4 pieces and two strength 5 should see them still dominate the middle but look out for the Ogre if he is on a going day he could mess up the Cowboys plans. I’m going to go for a Cowboys Victory here there at home and they need the win more then the Gingerbread Boys and I think they could sneak this 1-0.

Troy Mcsploring in his Blood Bowl Playing Days



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