Mauz Break Media Silence After Week 1

It has been a few weeks since DaltMc or any Mauz players could be reached for interviews. The coach had issued a media silence and all press were banned from the stadium until last night’s week 1 game against Bill COWher Power Hour. When questioned about the silence he had this to say.

“After our win against Grandoise Gladiators we became bowl eligible and it was time to concentrate on winning that bowl. We didn’t know who our opponents were going to be until I appeared on the podcast. After finding out that we would be playing Leaping Lizards coached by doneagle we knew that we had to prepare. They’re a great team lead by an even greater coach, he’s had success all over the world and we knew we were in for a tough game. We wanted no distractions in the Mauz camp as all of our boys just love seeing themselves on Cabalvision and in the papers. We nipped that in the bud and trained hard for the bowl game. The Disciples of Osiris helped us prepare our game against lizards. The bowl game went well but still resulted in an overtime loss at 3-2.

After the bowl game we went on a players/staff retreat to some sandy beaches for a week in preparation for our mystery opponent in week 1. The local GFCL team (also coached by me) there was nice enough to scrimmage with us a few days as well as join us on the beaches.  After our little vacation it was right back to the grindstone harder than ever. The MML is very good about keeping schedules secret until the league starts. We all fully support it as we believe in keeping the competition fierce. As we didn’t know who we would be facing we tried a few different strategies preparing for all races in our competition.

Once the competition started I saw that I was playing my good buddy More_Shots and I knew the battle was on. He’s got a strong team with two farm developed rookies debuting this season. Knob Creek was a scary individual on the field, but I think we handled him well. While Shots only being a second year coach he’s still a very tough individual to play against. Mauz is always ready for any challenge and we faced this one, no different than any other.  It was a hard fought game and neither coach came out on top. Both coaches scored when they needed to and it came right down to the wire! We finished it up 3-3 but I assure you that you haven’t seen the last of either of these teams. This is a match up that you all may see again at the end of the season. Both of these squads have high hopes for the post season even in week one. Both of these teams were bowl eligible last year but I don’t think that will be enough for them this year. Both of these teams want nothing more than to be in the play offs gunning for the cup. But I think you will find that Mauz is the hungriest of all. They’re prepped and ready and in their third season they feel they’re owed a playoff spot and they’re going to fight tooth, tail, claw, and nail for that spot. So watch out MML because Mauz just might run wild on you next!”

You heard it here first folks! Stand by for more Mauz and MML information alike here at the Mauz Tribune!