Mauz Capture First Win in a Spectacular Showing

Fans, staff, and players alike were exuberant after Mauz captured their first win of the season in a spectacular showing. The scoring would open early in the game with Mauz receiving the opening kickoff and scoring on their third turn. The opening kick off was scooped up by a Gutter Runner and passed to another nearby Gutter Runner causing him to level up. The receiver would run up the right side of the field but would meet Orc opposition rather quickly. The play would quickly shift to the left side of the field where yet another Gutter Runner was sneaking down field in the wide open backfield. In the center of the field the ball carrier would be knocked down, popping the ball loose. After a few good blocks a Gutter Runner would slip free and recover the ball and proceed to up the the half field line. A very long pass would be made from left midfield to the final few paces of the field. The ball was easily caught and ran into the endzone to make the game. 1-0

Mauz would kick the ball off and a few turnovers made by both teams would advance the game pretty quickly as well as leave the ball unattended on the ground. Two free Gutter Runners would break free and rush to the ball and put some pressure on the balless offense. A block would be made on one of the Gutter Runners, knocking him out. After failing to recover the ball The Titans would leave the ball uncovered. Despite Orc tackle zones on both him and the ball the remaining Gutter Runner would pick up the ball and skitter untouched into the endzone. 2-0

Mauz would kick the ball off this time resulting in a touchback.  The Titans would charge hard against the Mauz defense even injuring and knocking out a few players along their march. An Orc receiver had slipped down field with the ball into perfect scoring position. He was quickly noticed by the Skaven defense who would blitz down and knock him out of the play with the ball ending up outside the pitch. The crowd quickly threw the ball into midfield but no Orcs would be in scoring position. With the end zone out of reach just before the half the Orcs would turn to what they do best, bash! The first half would end with the score of 2-0 Mauz.

The second half would open up with Mauz kicking the ball off, the kick landed beautifully on the left sideline within the Orcs end.  The Skaven squad would hold their ground before deciding to put pressure on the ball. The Titans slowly advanced downfield, as expected with Orc teams. The ball carrier would advance to midfield and attempt a pass that would go over the head of the receiver and out of bounds. A Mauz fan caught the ball in the stands and threw it back into the Titan’s zone and into range of a free Gutter Runner. Who in the next turn would scoop up the ball and set up shop on the Titan’s logo. He would be knocked down in the ensuing turn but as Gutter Runners tend to do he hopped right up, recovered, and danced into the endzone nearly unscathed. 3-0

Once again Mauz would kick the ball off resulting in a touchback. This time The Green Tide Titans would get the ball on the left side of the 50 pace line. The Orcs would fight hard and march slowly down the field with a touchdown looking imminent. Just as the end zone was in sight the ball carrier was blitzed by a Skaven Lineman, the hit on the Orc would result in a fumble. The Orc team was unable to recover and a Gutter Runner thought just out of reach would recover the ball and attempt another long pass like we saw in the first half to an open receiver in scoring range. The pass would prove unsuccessful and fall in an open square near the left Titan sideline. The Orc thrower would recover the failed pass and make a beautiful play downfield to an open receiver who would walk uncontested into the endzone on their last turn. 3-1

The Green Tide Titans would kick the ball off to Mauz who would fail to pick the ball up while attempting to gain SPP and end the game at 3-1. Mauz fans stormed the field after the game, lifting the player and coaching staff up high to parade them around the field. The celebration would flood out into the streets as a stadium full of fans celebrated all the way to the local pub.  Unfortunately in all of the rigamarole none of the players or coaches could be located for a post game interview. I believe it is very safe to say that the new Mauz coach will live to die another day.