Mauz Lose Season Opener for Second Season

Mauz seem to have made a new tradition in losing the season opener 2-1.  Just as last season started Mauz would fight hard in a great game where the few mistakes made would prove costly. The game would open up with Mauz kicking the ball to The Cold Hard Truth. The Lizardmen would catch the kick off and drive quickly down the field, scoring in just 3 turns.  Mauz would answer just as quickly scoring in 3 turns as well. The Skaven would kick off and twart any hopes of offense from The Cold Hard truth  and almost score themselves before the half but a dropped pass would prevent their charge.

Mauz would start the second half with the ball and hold onto it for quite some time before attempting to score. On a critical drive the Skaven thrower would throw an interception near the left sideline midfield that would later be returned for a touchdown.  With one turn left Mauz had an opportunity  with getting a quick snap and a Gutter Runner in scoring range.  The Thrower woould then make another costly mistake, going for the long pass opposed to a quick pass to a Gutter Runner that could have been carried to the other Gutter Runner in scoring range. With a reroll and three Go For Its it surely could have been done for the 2-2 tie.

In the post game conference the thrower was bombared with questions, boos, and death threats. Needless to say the Mauz fans and press were nor very happy with only the thrower. Coach DaltMc had a few words here for us at Campy Brandy Tribune, “The whole team played amazing, the lineman did their job all game and kept their lizards tied up.  The thrower is where the problems game from, he made a few mistakes and they cost us greatly but you win as a team and lose as a team so all in all WE didn’t play well enough.  That thrower is a good kid, he’s young and this is only his second season of playing Blood Bowl in his life. People only want to remember the bad plays a player make but they don’t want to remeber the good, on how when we went on our two game win streak at the end of last season he won both of those games for us. This kid has made several big hits for use and even injured a few players.  He’s young, even veteran players have bad games. It just happens that’s Blood Bowl this was his only bad game. I know he’s going to put this game behind him and become a better player because of it, he had a real nice pass for our only touchdown. Don’t pessure that boy too much now. I’m going to be working with him this week like I do every week. I’m going to keep his head clear, keep his working on his game. He’ll be a new man next week. ” Coach DaltMc assured us that team security will keep a close eye on the young star thrower and that the team does not take lightly to death threats to their players.