Mauz Not Fresh Enough for the Fresh Princes

Mauz’s season opener looked promising when a break out pass put them up 1-0 on their first possesion. The lead would not hold true when the Fresh Princes scored on their first possession as well.  Several great passes were connected that resulted in a touchdown to tie the game.  Mauz would get the ball back but fail to do anything before the half.  The Fresh Princes would open the scoring in the second half with a touchdown in the waning turns of the game.

Again the Skaven team would receive the ball but fail to do anything with it, even after a play developed on the last play of the game. The play was thwarted when a Gutterrunner deep down field was blitzed, a stun resulted from the blitz. With all players out of range a desperation pass was made as the game expired.

It was a good showing all around for both Mauz and the Fresh Princes. Mauz coaching staff was quoted after the loss, “Our buys tried out there! They put their hearts in the game, but you can’t win on heart alone. There was some mistakes, but that happens, mistakes are going to happen in this game that’s how it works. We know what we need to work on and I’m going to drill the lads about it and we’ll be back stronger in Week 2.”