Mauz Owners Demands League Intervention Amidst Disappearance of Players’ Heads

Mauz fans, players, staff, owners, and officials have been in quite an uproar after the latest Bill COWher Power Hour press release and conference. As he entered the media room the coach of the Chaos team carried a rather large package in which he stated contained the heads of the two Mauz players killed in last week’s game. He also stated that he was shipping these heads to a former MML Pro coach Whiskey_Tornado. We at Mauz tribune attempted to contact the former coach for the return of the player’s heads, but there was no response. Coach DaltMc was questioned on the matter and of course a he had something to say.

“That’s just down right despicable  not only did his team kill two of our players he had the gall to break into our team morgue and desecrate their corpses. It was not a sight for the faint of heart. There was blood and viscera everywhere within the morgue! Both corpses were splayed wide open their entrails on display for the world to see. Then to top it all off they removed the heads of both of these young players. What are we supposed to tell the families of these players? Their boys were killed on the field right before their very eyes and as they come to look at their child one last time before we give them a proper Mauz funeral that all players killed in game receive and they have to witness that horror show?

LEAGUE ACTION NEEDS TO BE ENACTED! I understand that this is a new team, but that is no excuse for not knowing the rules! Rule 37.8A States that the harvest of a deceased player’s organs, limbs, blood, clothing, equipment, and valuables may only be done so by the team that holds their contract at the time of death. Now I don’t know about you but that Linerat and that Rat Ogre look nothing like Chaos Warriors or Goatmen to men. So I’m 100% sure that Bill COWher Power Hour was not holding onto their contracts at any point and time. Further more! I signed both of those boys straight out of Rat College and hold their contracts right here! I’ve known both of their parents for years. They were born and raised to play for Mauz and wanted nothing more than to die on the field for this team. Now after this little stunt I cannot give them their proper send off! The whole city of Cramp Brandy is demanding reparations for the team and the families of those players.  Now I know that league rule 12.8B states that teams cannot be forced to pay back a team who’s players they kill. But it doesn’t say anything about families.  So More_Shots it’s the least you can do to pay these families for their loss after the stunt you pulled!”

That was all DaltMc had to say as he stormed out of the field-house as he was completing his last sentence. Needless to say the Mauz camp are pretty stirred up about this situation. Understandably so as anyone would want closure after that. Many are wondering if these are mind games being played by the Chaos coach. Some are saying it’s just the Chaos way. Will Bill COWher Power Hour respond to coach DaltMc’s statements? Will coach More_Shots make things right with the rat families?  Stay on the lookout for the next Mauz Tribune as we are the first to break Mauz and MML news alike!