Mauz Training Hard in BYE Week

With Mauz’s first game being on Black Friday it’s no doubt that the glutenous Skaven team were full of snotlings, Bloodweiser, turkey, and all the trimmings that come along with a Thanksgiving feast. It definitely showed in their 2-1 loss against The Fresh Princes as they were not able to get much going in terms of offense. They look to improve in their Week 2 game and seem ready to take on any opponent that the league throws at them.

Mauz has been hitting the field hot and heavy this week with their farm team Greenbay Pack Rats. They’ve been working to improve their weaknesses as well as work off those extra pounds they packed on through the holiday.  This has been a good showing overall as we’ve got to see great plays from both of these teams through their scrimmaging this week. There are a few players to look out for who may make their way up to the main squad. A thrower who has really been pulling his weight and making game winning plays is Aaron Ratgers, I don’t see any reason why he would not be ending up on the main squad before the end of this season.  As well as an up and coming Storm Vermin by the name of Clay Mousethews he has been making waves both on the practice field and the minor league. With a farm team that appears stronger than the main team, a hungry main squad that wants nothing more than to be the league champion, and a new coach who is willing to push them not only to their limits but above and beyond. Mauz is the team to watch this season as they look to take their week one loss and turn it into fuel for a winning season.