Mayhem at Castle White

Coach Gimliks eyes where blank after another season gone by without a playoff spot. The thoughts was spinning, what should I have done different?

The team had tried it’s best but it wasn’t enough, and now Gimlik needed to replace some players who had have some serious injuries. Replace the wight or the ghoul…
What does the team need?

Possible transfers players was spinning in Gimliks head… what to do…

Finally back at Castle White the team was sent out to the training field, except Holofernes the only player in the team that has done anything this season. He needs some back-up, that’s the thing…

Gimlik entered his office and sat down behind his desk, the door came crashing down and in came Holofernes shouting.

”You have one more chance to take ME to the pros next season, if you don’t make I’ll leave the White Walkers and transfer to a team in the pros!”.

”I’ll do my best to train and coach the team as good as I can!”

Holofernes stormed out of the office and left Gimlik with even darker thoughts.
Gimlik started to go through the possible transfers seeking some new recruits, what can my necromancer come up with?

To be continued…



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