Message From Taurawana Titans

True Titans

Leaning against the hall door, Thrunden Snarfbag was trying to catch his breath and was paralyzed with fear!! Surely this was just a terrible dream and he would wake cold and miserable as always on the sewer floor. Soon someone would surely wake him with a kick or clubbing….
If this was to be a normal day, the subtle beating would be followed by some rotten table scraps or parts of his expired brethren to fuel his day of misery and turmoil. On a bad day he would either simply wait for his meal to arrive via the sewers or for one of his kin to make a fatal and final error. Needless to say surviving day to day was a success Thrunden was quite proud of. For Thrunden, hunger was never really an issue in the sewers.

But this wasn’t a normal day….standing in the hall and shaking with fear and trepidation, Thrunden realized that it was not a day like any other…for this day was not just a blur like all others. Today his life was a series of moments almost occurring in slow motion…with each moment as clear and defined as the next. It would begin with a kick to his backside from none other than world famous and revered Bull Centaur Rhagrakh Thicktoe….
Thicktoe…. “get up yur lazy lout or we will feed ya to the Manticores!!”
In that moment alone, Thrunden came face to face with one of all of Taurawna’s heros and idols…Leading scorer and Bloodbowl star for the Titans Lord Rhagrakh Thicktoe!!!
Lord Thicktoe reached out to grab Thrunden by the scruff of his scrawny little neck and carried him with ease like a snotling appetizer and proclaimed…
“Today is your day Thunkhead”….you will bring some very important news to our Lord Markkan Fastfoot”.
Thrunden managed to choke out… “n.. ne.. news mi lord??”
For his next moment, Thrunden Snarfbag remembers waking up again after flying through the air… and a very large lump on his noggin and a hoofmark on his chest….He was dangling a few feet off the ground and was being held not a snotlings finger away from Lord Thicktoes magnificent and glorious bull centaur face…..
Lord Thicktoe simply said…”Today you little manticore turd you will either achieve hobgoblin glory or you will be food!
Thrunden remembers trying to stammer out a reply of some other like “mmm k or yeeersh” but then it all went black again.
After waking for a third time with a kick or punch… the next moment was the final moment prior his standing in a puddle of his own making….
Lord Thicktoe …. “Thrundunce Snothead” you will not interrupt me again or you most certainly will become food… my little waste of space hobgoblin… today is your chance to become something that most of your kind could only dream of!!! A chance to prove your bravery by completing a quest that surely only the bravest of your kind could achieve.
Your quest is to deliver very important news….
…News which “could” lead to your chance to get out of the sewers and onto a life of promise and adventure and fame!!!
A chance to play Blood Bowl with the true Titans of the MML…The Taurawna Titans!!!!! ….mute silence followed… Upon which the great Lord and magnificent Rhagrakh Thicktoe bellowed
“ WELL Snotface, have you anything to say about this??!!!”
Thrunden simply nodded his head back and forth in utter shock and fear…
Surprisingly, a low bass chuckle emanated from Lord Thicktoe
Lord Thicktoe….” good….good… you learn fast for a hob…there is hope for you yet.
Now listen carefully…. “You Snarfface… will tell our magnificent team captain and leader Markkan Fastfoot, that a pretender coach has brought back some team…called something something Titans!!! You will tell him that this team is an orc team with those traitorous and hated vile black orcs!!!! You will tell him that this pretender team has in fact issued a challenge to our true Titans!!!
And lastly as Lord Thicktoe tossed Thrunden into the hall he whispered with an evil grin…
”and slunktoes…remember to only speak when spoken to…chuckling, he added “or else you’re likely to meet Lord Fastfoots famous claws!!!”
Thrunden could only gape in shock and awe as the door slammed leaving him alone in the hall outside Lord Fastfoot’s quarters. Thrundens mind was reeling….Did he say a chance to get outta the sewers??? A chance for fame and fortune?? A chance to play Blood Bowl??? Blood Bowl with the Titans???
Thrunden was broken from his reverie/nightmare with a shout from the great Bull Thicktoe…
”you better hurry runt…Lord Fastfoot does not like to be left waiting!…
Thrunden could hear his bellowing laughter as he timidly moved towards the great Lord Fastfoots door.

Using all his remaining courage….Thrunden Snarfbag was able to timidly knock on the door.
“Come!!” was his command to enter… Thrunden entered the quarters of Lord Fastfoot,
Upon closing the door, he not only came face to face with the “Lord Captain Fastfoot but also his famous teammates Martan Heavy Blaster, Farkan Steelfist, and newly recruited Martan Firehammer….The 4 Titans of Taurawna!!!
As Thrunden stood gazing with shear admiration and awe at his idols …he was once again brought back to reality…with Martan Firehammer issuing a curt
“WELL…what do yer want to smelly little git??!!!
With laughter from all the Chaos Dwarfs in the room…
Lord Fastfoot raised a hand stating with a chuckle
“now now Martan…you can see our little friend here is clearly terrified and we have no need to traumatize him further… ….for now” A chuckle at emanated from the room.
Lord Fastfoot .. “so my little friend, why don’t I ask you a series of questions to help those quivering knees of yours. Answer me true and clear and you will be safe from harm. That seem fair to you???
Thrunden…Yes mi Lord
Lord Fastfoot …good good…
Now my little friend…what is your name and who sent you here….
Thrunden… My L L Lord….my n n name is Thrunden Snarfbag and and …L L Lord Rhagrakh Thicktoe did send me …mi lord.

Lord Fastfoot…chuckle… “well that explains why your knees be a quivering (room fills with laughter again)…
Lord Thicktoe does likes his hobgoblins fully compliant…”
Farkan Steelfist shouts out “that way they won’t be arguing when the glory hog demands the dam ball…. (bellowing laugher fills the room)
Lord Fastfoot smiling raises his hand for silence and says …”so my little friend…what was it again?? Mr Snarfbag?? Yes yes I Believe it was. Mr Snarfbag….why did our esteemed Ball carrying Lord Bull ask you come here??”
Thrunden…”Mi mi Lord…he asked that I deliver a very important message”
Lord Fastfoot… “well I suppose I should sit for this…this could be amusing…”
Lord Fastfoot sits himself down…”well son…I suppose you better let us hear what you have to say lad!!!”
Thrunden… steeling himself, with his eyes closed and with the courage of his idols …he blurts out the news to get it over with…
“Mi Lord…. I was to tell you …that um that…that a pretender coach has brought back some team…called the something…something Titans!!!”
“I was to tell you that this team is an orc team with those traitorous and hated vile black orcs!!!!”
“I was to tell you that this pretender team has in fact issued a challenge….” A sudden sharp pain is felt by Thrunden…. He is suddenly aware that a pair of claws are now sticking into his abdomen…and in his last moment of clarity before darkness would take him, three revelations occur…
One, he didn’t even hear or see Lord Fastfoot leave his chair.
Two, contrary to advice given earlier…he may have said too much
and last but not least… he sees 4 sets magnificent claws gleaming in the light and hears Lord Fastfoot proclaim with a chuckle “Ok Lads let’s get these claws good and sharpened…let’s hope we face those something something Titans…so we can dice up them up good and proper”
And then darkness….

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  1. All these self appointed Lords and supposed superstars… tis a shame no-one has ever heard of them, still… it won’t matter after they play the Original Titans, unless someone needs the names to piece them together again?

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