Midward Isle Secretary Recruitment








Coach Tony assessed the broken remnants of his team, the Midward Isle Mongooses had successfully qualified for the MML playoffs but at what cost? The price for rubbing shoulders with the greats was indeed high. Frankly Baldpatch still couldn’t remember his name after suffering a serious concussion against the murderous Skaven of Paradigm Shift a match that also ended the career of Mike Inlay and caused Duncan Hall to now always end at the back of the queue for the half time oranges.

To compound it all he had also lost his secretary,  following Justin Trousersnake’s inhumation at the hands of the Cadaver Robbers he promptly signed for them resulting in Tracy resigning and leaving Midward Isle to follow the Necromantic team on their travels. “I still love ‘ims, I don’t care if bits fall off im!” She’d said as she walked out taking the secrets of the stationary cupboard with her.

Efforts to find a new secretary had been arduous, the population of Midward Isle were mostly nade up of fishermen, stone masons and used carriage dealers. he’d tried enticing candidates from abroad with promises of glamour before it was pointed out to him thar there wasn’t any in Midward Isle, then he tried selling the beaches and climate but one look at the reality of the seaweed and bone strewn shores of the island had sent more fleeing without even asking about private health care or pension options.

Finally just as Tony was about to give up and try and do his own administration (which would have ended in disastrous consequences) there had been a knock at the door of his office….

“ENTER” he barked, a disgusting malformed face covered in stitches appeard from behind the door some sort of yellowy fluid leaking from one of the scars on its forehead.

“Greetingth marthter” the creature said ” My name ith Igor, I’ve come about the pothithion”.

“We are not currently looking to hire any er… foul coaches at the moment” replied Tony “might I suggest you try Haughty by Nature, I hear they might be in the market for one”

“I’m not a foul coach thur, I thpethialithe in other areath”

“Wait a moment, arn’t you that horrible little fellow who works for that Blitz team in Ischelware dragging dead players away for reanimation?” Said Tony

“No thur! Thath my couthin Igor, I have nothing to do with that thide of my family anymore, I am an adminithtration and thtationary technithion” 

“Have you got any experienth? I mean experience” replied Tony

“Yes sir! I mean yeth thur” Igor responded quickly “I was in charge of cataloguing and filling at the Ithelware morgue for five years which kept me very buthy indeed”

“Excellent! Your hired, now grab a pen and get ready to take a letter”

These playoffs were going to be tough. The Doompeak Bulls were the opposition and a previous meeting had been very violent with the Bulls winning 2-1, Tony knew the Mongooses had to do a lot to survive let alone win the thing!

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