Mirror, Mirror

A long long time ago, in a country possibly far far away…

The MML was born, and at such momentous times as this history takes a fork in the road. Small and seemingly inconsequential decisions send events veering off in two different directions and a parallel universe is born. Preach set the MML off on its epic journey towards greatness with this simple chain of events:

‘I saw Blood Bowl 2…bought it…played it and the next day at work I told Tigershark about it…he got it and we played each other and had a blast…next day at work he says….YOU should make a league…and I said…YOU do it….and we both knew that he would never do it…so I did.’

But science tells us that with an infinite number of universes and an infinite amount of time everything that possibly can happen will happen or perhaps… already has. So somewhere out there in the cold expanse there exists another MML. One not created by our benevolent Preach but instead created by Tigershark. A type of Mirror MML, where the coaches come from a mirror universe. A dark universe where fun is a curse word and nobody ever uses coaches chat. Where winning is all that matters and salty rage quitting is common. But fear not this abode of the damned! They don’t realise their new coach has brought them over to the good MML, and I intend to force them to play the last three games of the season for pure fun!

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