Misfits part 2

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Part 2
Beerz was shocked, confused, angered. As he watched Mr. Miyagi’s body being taken away by the royal guards he wondered who and why did this happen. He walk over to the misfits and started to scream instructions. Little did he know it wasn’t really words he was saying but just a bunch of high screaming gibberish. The misfits took to the field in the first CL match against a new necro team. Beerz and the misfits were flat and confused. By the end it was just bad to watch. Booing rained down from the stands. Beerz didn’t care he wanted answers.
The season went on with no word from the royal guards on what happened on opening day. Week 2 saw the Misfits up against a lizard team from black marches. Again the boys were flat and unorganized. The final turn saw something Beerz didn’t see coming. A Trish Rustlust picked up the ball ran toward the end zone threw it toward Frizner Snout who was in the end zone. With the throw and a great one handed catch the Misfits tied the game!! Beerz retired to his room after the game shocked at what had happened. Could this be the new way to play these games. Passing chaos mixed with hitting?? The week saw a human team come to the pitch. The boys seemed to be hungover off the last crazy game and lost in a dominating fashion. The next two weeks saw a win and a lose.
Beerz looked at the next game against another chaos team the Hades Angles coached by a former assistant coach of the Misfits Robowhale. The angles played hard and smart, the Misfits tried to play strong but not smart with the ball and fell 2-1. The final week approached. Beerz sat studying his appointing when a letter came to his room. His final appoint had left the league and the game would not be played. Beerz was happy the boys need a break and he needed to reevaluate what the team needed. At the end of the letter was info about transfers. Beerz thought if I could bring one superstar to the Misfits what do we need.
A few days had passed Prikterg the cross eyed minotaur was sitting with Beerz going over how to not be so wild on the pitch when the door flew open. In walked a Beastmen with shinny claws on his hands a face of terror. You the gimp they call Beerz? Beerz looked at the Beastmen. Where did he come from and who did he think he was. Prikterg stood and walked over to the Beastmen. Took a sniff and smiled at Beerz. I like him coach he’s like me but smaller. Sit down Prikterg let me have a word with this Beastmen. Who are you and what can I do for you.
I’m Ullow Tail and I hear this team is a bunch of soft misfits. Well I’m here to put fear in your team and appoints. Where’s the vip room and my booze, Ullow demanded. Vip room and booze just who do you think you are? Beerz said with a strong not so strong voice. Ullow laughed at Beerz. I’m the beast thing that has happened to this team. Besides I could snap your little gimpy arm faster then it would take your cross eyed Minotaur to get up from he’s chair laughed Ullow. Beerz looked at Prikterg who was sitting trying to catch a fly. Well Ullow I think you have a point there. Welcome to the Misfits. Anything you need just ask. Ullow nodded and pulled over a chair. I do have something else for you. On my travels here I over heard some information on the explosion that happened to your team. Beerz stopped and looked at Ullow. Quick tell me what have you heard? Ullow placed his clawed hands on the table and looked at Beerz. I heard it was ………….

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