MML Announces December is MML Merchandise Awareness Month

MML – the MML announced today that December is now MML Merchandise Awareness Month, a league-wide initiative to educate the public about the many MML products available to purchase.

“This is more than just an awareness campaign,” MML Commissioner stressed. “Too many times awareness campaigns fail to cause people to act. Our initiative is designed to make people aware of MML products and then follow through with a purchase. In fact, many purchases, thereby generating vast profits for the MML.”

The commissioner also made it clear that a full 100-percent of the money spent on MML merchandise will go to the MML and its partners.

“Our other awareness and appreciation campaigns of the past unfortunately fell short because a single digit percent of all sales go to charity and other organizations,” said the commissioner. “MML Merchandise Awareness Month is structured much better because it enables us to keep everything. No one is skimming off the top now.”

MML merchandise awareness will be created by players and coaches wearing MML apparel during games, while retailers throughout the country will be selling MML merchandise. In addition to keeping all proceeds, the MML will increase prices 15-percent during MML Merchandise Awareness Month.

“I think that in this season of giving, fans will be more than happy to pay a little bit more knowing the money is going to the MML, which desperately wants more money,” said the commissioner. “From alternate jerseys to team lamps to pink women’s apparel to car floor mats, there are many ways fans can give the MML their money.”