MML Board Meeting Minutes 21st October 2017

1. Call to Order:

  • The Meeting came to order

2. Call of the Roll:

More_Shots, ReznorRulesYou, Josiah_Frost, Preach (Absent, with apologies,) Thunden, (Absent, with apologies and voting intentions submitted to Josiah_Frost.)

3. Determination of Quorum:

  • Action: Meeting was technically non-quorate, due to the absence of the commissioner, but was continuing at the instruction of the commissioner, who had advised that he would ratify, business as appropriate.

4. Commissioners Proposals, Proclamations & Communications:


5. Proposals and Communications from Board Members:

i) Proposal to Clarify Trophy Case Status:

Proposed: Josiah Frost

Rules in Relation to Trophy Case Teams
1) That the Trophy case has been established, for the purpose of ‘displaying’ teams.
2) Eligibility for entry into the Trophy case will be any Pro or Challenge League team that has played at least 2 complete consecutive seasons at the Pro or Challenge League level.
3) The Trophy case may include cladder champion teams, as long as the coach of the team was an MML coach. (Teams not originating within the MML will not be able to play within the MML or interact with the rest of the MML league in any way. This includes not being able to take advantage of any of the remainder of these rules. They will simply be placed in the Trophy case, for ‘display’ purposes only.)
4) Whilst in the Trophy case a trophy case team is not able to interact with the rest of the league, other than to be on ‘display’ except as clarified in the remainder of these rules.
5) A trophy case team may return to active participation within the MML, by being registered by the owning coach. The team will be eligible to enter the Challenge League at the Pro tv cap for the season.
6) Teams may only enter or leave the Trophy case between seasons.
7) Trophy case teams will be subject to the following rules regarding the MML marketplace:
i) Teams leaving the CL or Pro’s will not be eligible to receive a transfer at the conclusion of the season, when they are seeking entry to the trophy case.
ii) Trophy case teams leaving the trophy case and seeking entry to the league will be eligible to receive a market transfer as if they were a League team, as defined in the transfer market rules.
iii) Whilst within the Trophy case, Trophy case teams will be eligible to sell players as if they were a pro/cl team, as per the marketplace rules. In so doing the coach of the Trophy case team may not sell to a pro/cl team that they also own.

  • Action: Seconded by More_Shots
  • Moved by ReznorRulesYou, to consider immediately, seconded by More_Shots
  • In Favour: More_Shots, ReznorRulesYou, Josiah_Frost and Thunden (In absentia.) Against: None
  • Proposal Passed


ii) Absent Coach, Mid-Season Promotion and AI Team Proposal

Proposed: Josiah Frost

i) The existing text to remain, as follows:
Mid-Season Promotion: – Given that we can use AI teams to fill competition ranks: Teams that leave mid-season for any reason, will be replaced with an AI team of the same race and relative TV value. – The above applies to both the Pro and CL Leagues. – CL teams will no longer be promoted in the middle of a season to the Pros.

ii)To be ammended with the following addition:
The League Reserves the right to, at the discretion of the Commissioner, replace any AI team, at any point, with a human coached team.

  • Action: Seconded by More_Shots and referred for further consideration.

6. Consideration of, and Action Upon, Referred Proposals:

i) Vacation Rule from Dungeonmastr007:

Coaches may need to take some time off, for perfectly understandable and justifiable reasons, during seasons of play. This proposal does acknowledge that coaches, so doing, could cause complications in administering the league and ensuring fairness. Whiilst so doing, however, the proposal does seek to enable some coaches to be able to take time out, and still feel enabled to be a fully active member of the community and be involved in league play. The accepted norm should always be that it is expected that coaches will seek to play all games within any given season or that they should not sign up for a season of play. The following method of enabling coaches to take ‘time out’ if required should therefore be the exception rather than that norm and should be limited:
The League acknowledges that there may be a week or two when any given coach may not be able to play their weekly games, due to legitimate reasons and therefore the league has made the following allowances:

i) Each coach can declare up to two weeks within any given 4 seasons of play that they would not be available to play their weekly matches, due to scheduled vacation.

ii) Coaches must declare these dates prior to registering for any given season, by notifying the commissioner during registration.

iii) If a coach misses any given week, due to the vacation rule, they will still be subject to a league managed loss for that week; but would not be subject to the other existing rules for missing their game in that week. (Such as the Disgruntled player rule.)

Sponsor: Josiah_Frost
Seconded: Rez

  • Action: In Favour: Josiah_Frost Against: Thunden, (voting in abentia,) ReznorRulesYou and More_Shots.
  • Proposal Failed


7. Submissions from Coaches Council:

i) Proposal from Hairy Warthog:

A questionnaire to everyone in the MML. Kind of a “tell us how we are doing” invitation.
The MML is a great community but what can we do to make it better? What isn’t so good? Etc.
This can be done in such a way that opinions of any individual can be kept anonymous for fear of reprisals.
For example, the questions are giving to the community to get there point of view. Let’s say, myself for example, a coach committee member but not a board member can collect the answers and publish the report but keep the identity of those who replied to myself. It gives an opportunity for people to speak their praise and concerns about the league without putting themselves in the spotlight.
I will publish the results on the web page. The board can then discuss the answers on a live feed.

  • Action: Sponsored: Josiah_Frost, Seconded: ReznorRulesYou, motion referred for further consideration.


8. Submissions from Admins:


9. Submissions from Coaches at Large and the General Public:

i) Proposal from Mercy Flush:
Could you consider a marketplace restriction rule? i.e a ban on double stat boosted players ( or any stat boosted players)

  • Action: Not Sponsored


10. Unfinished & Miscellanous Business:

None, of note, although coaches were reminded that Season 11 Registration was closing shortly and all coaches were thanked for their continuing contribution.

11. Announcement of the Next Regular Session:

To be arranged.


Due to the absence of the commissioner the following actions took place out of session:

  • Section 2 of the trophy case proposal originally read: “2) Eligibility for entry into the Trophy case will be any Pro or Challenge League team that has played at least 1 season.” The above ‘corrected’ section 2 was ammended on a proposal by Preach, seconded by Josiah Frost, out of session and the whole ammended and correct proposal is reproduced above, in the main body of the minutes, for the sake of clarity.
  • Preach registered his vote on the vacation rules as a Nay.

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