⦁    Call to Order:

⦁     Call of the Roll:

Present: Preach, Thunden, Hez, More Shots and Josiah Frost

⦁    Determination of Quorum:

Quorum was established

⦁    Commissioners Proposals, Proclamations & Communications:

Preach wanted to recognise the work that Doneagle had completed with recent updates to the website.

⦁    Proposals and Communications from Board Members:

⦁     Proposal for refinement of Transfer cycle in line with the spirit of the MML. (Thunden)

⦁    Proposal would end farm to farm transfers. Proposal  was considered at the meeting. Various discussion and alternatives were considered, but not formally. Proposal, with agreement by the proposer, was tabled for further discussion at the next meeting to allow further discussion to take place.

⦁    Consideration of, and Action Upon, Referred Proposals:

⦁    Proposal to ammend election to the MML Hall of Fame (JoFro)

To ammend the election of the existing Hall of Fame to a two ballot system, with all eligible candidates to be included in the first ballot and the two candidates with the greatest vote share to be put forward to a second ballot, and the candidate with the greatest vote share in the second ballot receiving entry to the Hall of Fame.

⦁    Action: Passed Unanimously.
⦁    Submissions from Coaches Council:


⦁     Submissions from Admins:


    Submissions from Coaches at Large and the General Public:


⦁     Unfinished & Miscellanous Business:

⦁    More Shots noted he would like to Champion actions in line with ‘Coach of the week/Month’ All were in agreement to seek restore recognition of a ‘Coach of the week/month’ More Shots to take the first week.

⦁     Announcement of the Next Regular Session:

⦁    Next Regular Session to be Held 16th May 2017.

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