MML BOARD MINUTES: 28th March 2017

⦁    Call to Order/Session Opening

⦁    Call of the Roll:

Present: Preach, Hez, Josiah Frost, Seriousjest and Thunden. (Also Present: Hairy Warthog, representing the Coaches Council.)

⦁    Determination of Quorum:

Quorum Established.

⦁    Commissioners Proposals, Proclamations & Communications:

⦁    Proposal from the commissioner that Conference champions are calculated using conference games only. (Intra conference play.)

Proposal to discuss at Meeting Thunden, seconded by Josiah Frost.

⦁    Action: Following discussion vote taken in three parts:

i) To Establish Conference Champions: Unanimous

ii) To Establish that Conference Champions be established using intra-conference play only: Yes: Hez, Thunden   and Preach and Josiah Frost No: Seriousjest

Vote Passed

iii) To Retrospectively Apply:

Yes: Preach, Thunden and Hez No: Seriousjest and Josiah Frost

Vote Passed

⦁    Proposal to Establish a ‘Trophy Case’ competition with the purpose of displaying teams, will also include potentially cladder champions, as long as the coach of the team was an MML coach. (Teams not originating in the MML will not be able to play within the MML Trophy Case.) Teams will also not be eligible for the transfer market. Elligibility for the trophy case would be also be any pro team that has played at least 1 season.

Proposed by Seriousjest and seconded by Thunden to discuss immediately.

⦁    Action: Yes: Preach, Josiah Frost, Seriousjest and Thunden No: Hez

Vote Passed

⦁    Proposals and Communications from Members:

⦁    Proposal to end the disgruntled player rule. (Sestonn)
Proposed by Hez to disucss immediately.
⦁    Action: Not Passed. (Unanimous)

⦁    Proposal to ammend election to the MML Hall of Fame Proposed JoFro, Seconded by Thunden.

⦁    Action: Moved by Seriousjest and seconded by Thunden to be put forward for Consideration.

⦁    Consideration of, and Action Upon, Referred Proposals:

⦁    Submissions from Coaches Council:

Hairy Warthog discussed his proposal to present a results service. The Board noted that they were supportive of him implementing this.

⦁    Submissions from Admins:

⦁     9. Submissions from Coaches at Large and the General Public:

⦁    10. Unfinished & Miscellanous Business.

11. Announcement of the Next Regular Session:
Further meeting to be arranged within 4 weeks.

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