MML Coach of the Week!!!

A lone trumpeter sallies forth from the imposing Coaches Council Plaza… he appears slightly battered and nursing what look to be reptile bites. However he bravely arrives at the proclamation booth and thus did he spake :
“The Coaches Council, they who above all should be feted, respected and sent at least 50% of your nicer things for all the good work they do, would like to announce the winner of this weeks prestigious, Coach of the Week!!!
For services to the MML consisting of excellent coach interaction, admirable pluck in the adversity of coaching a… skaven team and for representing an ethnic minority, the Coaches Council, all according praises and heraldaries, would like to nominate Coach NTB99!
He shines a light for other coaches in terms of attitude and commitment, only recently having to put up with 2 hours of talking to an arrogant and colonial Orc coach whilst still trying to deliver quality dialogue in an admittedly confusing accent. For this and multitude other reasons we ask that this coming week we celebrate NTB99’s existence in the MML League!”

Hussah! Hussah! Hussah! – spake the baying crowd. Shortly before being hustled off to the pigskin factories and the tailors guilds.

Congrats NTB99! Here’s looking at you boyo!

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