MML Coach of the WEEK!!


Here at the shadowy towers of the Coaches Board there have been discussions raging on how to recognise the behaviours we search for in aspiring Pro coaches… and the nefarious board have decided that each week a coach shall be feted! Lo they shall epitomise one of the basic tenets of the MML!!! There will be nominations accepted with examples of sportsmanlike behaviour and comradeship with other coaches!!!! Experienced coaches helping out some of our newer friends will garner the respect their humble benevolence demands!!!!


This week, the inaugural week… we celebrate a rather surprising coach… now when one thinks of MML virtues one may not naturally think of him, however if one thinks of fouling, one certainly may!!!


ChaseJJ has been a member of the MMl for a couple of season now, known on the pitch for his ferocious and uncompromising style which has lead to many a spat dummy, on this occasion it is not Chase’s onfield antics we wish to draw attention to. Chase has been seen on more than one occasion reaching out the hand of friendship and camaraderie to our new coaches. He’s offered them tips on how to play the Norse team and more importantly he has given them a gentle introduction to the MML where he could have doled out his usual brand of savagery.

ChaseJJ – we at the Coaches Board Towers salute you. Keep up that MML attitude big guy!!!

Remember the coaches board is always watching and we have spies everywhere who inform us of good deeds and bad!! Keep your MML up!



  1. Fr:TheRealDrumph: More rigging by the corrupt MML Board πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    #Congratulations, Chase!

  2. They’re trying to make you soft, Chase! Throw their award back at them and reembrace your dark side! The match against Greendale was just the beginning of your relapse…

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