MML End of season awards – Season 8

Season 8 is officially over. We have a new Challenge League champion, former champ Sacerdotalist, this time with a dangerous Chaos Dwarf team. And a brand new Pro champion LouLizcsc with the well known Harrelsons.

Congratulations to you both.

Besides the top honours various coaches were rewarded with individual awards. For those that missed the live ceremony on Discord here they are. Congratulations everyone.

The awards for the Challenge league are as follows.

And for the Pro League:

And some of the votes were voted for by the MML Community:

And some were just for fun:

And one for sorrow:

If your award was for CL or Pro, voted or fun, congratulations.

You guys did all the hard work playing the games, which made our job easy. Keep up the good work guys.


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