MML European Summer Convention: the place to be!

Hi fellow coaches, and more specifically european ones, some of us evocated the idea of a « MML Summer Convention » this year, so we can all meet each other somewhere else than on the virtual pitch. Looks like we are quite a lot being seduced by the idea ! The easier would probably be to make it on a week-end, but suggestions welcome. To get a first base, I’ll write what’s following like we would do it on a week-end.

So, in order to make it as successful as MML always is, let’s launch the stuff and begin to plan.

Here are the things to lock :

1) Dates

For many of us, it appeared that the best period would be between june and very beginning of september. Of course, we could do it at another moment, just let me know if better idea. The other thing is we’ll have to book a place to sleep, so I think we need to launch it quite fast as many places will be soon all booked on that period. I insist, we need to determinate things quite fast. Selfishly, I would rather like to do that in August, as my son is supposed to come to birth around 10th of July ; but of course, if everybody feels june/july would be the best period, let’s choose that ! Anyway, just post in commentary the better dates for you, and we’ll choose the one that’s the most wanted.

2) The place

As we are mostly from Northern/Western Europe (as far as I know), I think we should choose between :

  • Holland
  • Belgium
  • France
  • England.

At first sight, Belgium/Holland are probably the most « central » places, but once again let’s determinate it by your votes. North of France or South England could be good ideas as well, just let me know.

3) Sleeping

Two solutions, both needs us to go fast as this is hollidays period for everybody.

1) Booking hotel rooms

2) If we are enough, why not renting a house ?

Again, let’s make it a vote.

I will be pleased to look after all that if the idea pleases a few of us, but help is welcome especially depending on the chosen country ( someone that has connections there would be a great asset).

Anyway ! First, we need to know is when and where, before going further ; so please post your preference here, or send me a mail at As we need to go fast, please answer before 27/02/17 so we still have time to book something at decent conditions.

Hope to see you all of you there, of course if some americans want to join us, they’re very welcome !

Long live to the MML !


  1. i’m certainly up for it. Any time fits me. I know some group rentable places in Belgium if we choose that. Sadly I can’t have everyone sleeping at my place 😉

  2. I would suggest maybe adding some “cheap” countries as possible locations as sleeping/food prices could easily compensate possible slight hike in plane tix prices. I think we have somebody in Poland and Lithuania for possible destinations.

  3. Being 4,000 miles away and with a newborn pretty much eliminates me from candidacy, but this is awesome. Keep it up, guys, and take some pictures to go with Pubcast 2.0!

  4. Mini Miss T due in July. No way I’ll get away until September. Small possibility in August. So I’d vote for those months.
    I’d also prefer hotel. Or similar.
    Location makes sense to be Netherlands as central and easy to travel to. So that’s my vote.
    Epic stuff. Nice to build on the great meet ups we’ve already had.

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