MML GBP What’s going on!?!?!?

Shock news from the MML this week. An insidious insurrection lead and masterminded by board member Hezekiah to oust the #CorruptCommissioner in favour of replacing with the cult hero, Tigershark – the so called Godfather of the MML came to pass.

News travelled fast in the MML community as The Commissioner, Preach stepped down and abdicated in favour of Tigershark as the new Commissioner of the league. No sooner had this surprise announcement taken place than did the new Commissioner issue his first decree, changing the name of the league to the GBP – the Godfather Be Praised League as the power went to the new fellows head.

Still reeling from this news stalwarts of the community took it upon themselves to head for the hills fearing that they would be next on the chopping block. Coach More Shots of the fabled Power Hour chartered the fastest milk cart in the East to get him back to the safety of the Western shores. Coach Rez the champion of the hour in the latest Cladder Final also made his excuses and left quicker than blind man on a pier. Amongst the other coaches to leave were serial bandwagon jumpers Coach Thunden and Coach Royke.

In the meantime the maniacal Tigershark had begun issuing more proclamations. Amongst them the following :

Godfather aka Supreme Leader: @DionysisA18 Bacon will remain the preferred bribe. Preach used that bacon to keep the godfather happy, which in return had good favor on the league

Godfather aka Supreme Leader: Lets all congratulate @Godfather aka Supreme Leader with the Inaugural GBP trophy. Congrats!

Godfather aka Supreme Leader: We will have the best board. Please send $100 dollars to POX 1229 Omaha NE 68128 with your application written on a check for $1000 dollars


Godfather aka Supreme Leader: @RandTheMad is now OFFICIAL LIAISON OF SALES (Montana Region). Congrats

Godfather aka Supreme Leader: @Rez has been promoted to COMPETITIVE ASSESSMENT ANALYTICS and JANITORIAL SERVICES. Congrats

With the new GBP league spiralling into a loss of control an emergency mystery business consortium was arranged to buy out the GBP franchise, including all of its new sponsorship deals that had been created in short time by the nefarious Godfather. After former Commissioner and self proclaimed Godfather, Tigershark had received his payout he was surprised to see none other than former Commissioner Preach walk in and slide into the Commissioners desk once more and put his feet up. The leader of the consortium revealed!!!!!

In short order the MML signs consigned to the waste bins were retrieved and put up again and sanity returned to the House of the MML.

My oh my. What a day.


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