With the ‘Legendary’ teams making their way to the MML some of the great teams of these races, close to their retirement, are keen to showcase their talents in a tournament and are offering their services to MML coaches in order to demonstrate their talents. And so, we present to you; The MML Legendary Tournament.

What Makes a Legendary Team? (Special Rules)

  • Open to the single race teams introduced to the MML in Legendary Edition (Amazons, Underworld Denizens, Halflings, Goblins, Ogres, Vampires, Elven Union and Kislev Circus.)
  • Teams to be editted, (using team editor,) to a maximum tv of 1200 (Teams can be left at less than 1200, for a better chance of utilising inducements, but must have a minimum of 11 players at creation.)

Skill limits:

  • Skills may be selected, as long as the team conforms to the team value requirements but are limited as follows:
  • Only up to 2 additional skills on any single player in the team. (Multiple players could have up to 2 additional skills, but no single player may have 3 or more additional skills assigned.)
  • The TEAM may also not have more than 2 of any specific additional skill. (Initial positional player skills do not count to this limit.) (So no team may not have more than 2 players with the guard skill, as an example. As a further example a Kislev Circus team may have 4 blitzers, who all begin with the diving tackle skill as standard. The coach of that team may choose to assign diving tackle to two players who do not begin with this skill, such as catchers or lineman.)
  • You can select ‘double’ skills on players (Or skills that they would normally only be able to access by rolling a double at level up.) – As long as you conform to all other rules listed, here, regarding skills and remain within tv cap.
  • Stat ups are not permitted on any players.
  • Coaches may utilise star players.
  • To represent the ‘legendary’ nature of the teams, coaches may have level 4 stadiums with any enhancement they choose.

Tournament Format

The Legendary teams wished to showcase their talents in the new Wissen (Swiss) format.There will be 16 teams and 5 rounds.

Legends Never Die!

The Tournament will be a resurrection style tournament.

The Myth, the Legend…

At the end of the tournament, as the teams have been created using team editor and will no longer be eligible for regular MML play, the teams will go the way of all legends, and become myths…. Earning their retirement.


The winning coach will receive a PSN voucher of $20. The second placed coach will receive a PSN voucher of $10.

To Register:

  • In-Game, navigate to Join League and select Multiplayer League.
  • Search for “MML Charity Tournaments”
  • Select “Legendary Tournament” and click join.


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