MML March Madness Tournament

LEAGUE OFFICE – The League is proud to offer the first charity tournament! The MML plans to offer charity tournaments on a quarterly or bi-monthy basis. Some tournaments are true charity tournaments, others are simply tournaments for the betterment of coaches and the League. The MML will be sponsoring the following charity tournament during the month of March.


MML March Madness

  • Open to New Teams only.
  • Slots are limited to the first 32 teams to sign up.
  • Special Rules:

    • NO Big Guys
    • NO Standard Re-Rolls
      • Re-Rolls may be ‘purchased’ through player skills, or inducements, but not as a standard Re-Roll.
  • Rewards:

    • All teams will receive a ticket to the Farm upon completion.
    • Final Four Teams will receive 10 bTV to apply towards MMLPro status.*
    • **Winning Team will be allowed to register for MMLPro play using the Pro TV* cap instead of the Farm TV* cap provided they meet all other League rules and remain under the maximum amount of games (see below) for the season they are registering for.

To Register:

  • In-Game, navigate to Join League and select Multiplayer League.
  • Search for “MML – March Madness”
  • Select March Madness and click join.

* See Rules & Regulations for bTV, Pro and Farm TV Cap.

** The winning team must not have played more games than 4 times the season they are registering for. For example; if the winning team wishes to register for Season 4, they must ensure they have not played more than 16 total games (4*Season). This is to ensure that the winning team does not by-pass the current Pro teams in total games played. The winning team can play less, but not more.