MML Meet and Greet Tournament

The last few weeks have seen the arrival of many great coaches to the MML and the MML Meet and Greet Charity tournament event is a way to help some of our newer faces get to know some of our older faces and vice versa; in a new style tournament!

Special Rules:
Please read ALL the following rules carefully:


  • The primary entrants in the tournament will be coaches that have played in the MML, (at either CL or Pro level,) for less than 2 full seasons, total. (Excluding the current season, season 11.)
  • Each primary entrant will be matched with a coach who has played in the MML for more than 2 seasons. (Hereafter referred to as the secondary entrant.)
  • (Depending on numbers and entries, the above criteria may be revised)
  • Entries may be requested by sending a direct message, via discord, to Josiah_Frost. This can be with a complete pairing, (so both coaches can mutually agree to pair, prior to entry being requested,) or as single entries.
  • Primary entrants will be able to select from the list of secondary entrants that have requested to join the competition.
  • Entries will be matched on a first come first served basis, until the competition is full.

Meet and Greet:

  • The tournament will be a round robin format and all participants will play each other.
  • Coaching by either the primary participant or secondary participant, in a pairing, is not only allowed, but actively encouraged! (Coaches offering advice to their partners via mic or via DM on discord during matches is therefore absolutely allowed, within this competition.)
  • Teams for all participants will be fresh teams. (There will be no racial limits.) These teams will be eligible to return to the farm at the conclusion of the competition.

I’ve Got Your Back:

  • When the primary participant plays against the secondary participant, in any given pairing, the match will be played! – But strictly via the following rules:
  • The primary participant must win the match! – If this is not the case the match must not be validated and the match will be administered as a draw.
  • The primary participant must not score more than 2 touchdowns. – If this is not the case the match must not be validated and that match will be administered as a draw.
  • Validation of a match that does not comply with the above criteria, will result in penalties being applied to the pairing’s standings within the competition and may also be considered in ‘bad taste’ by the board! (If in doubt, don’t validate!)
  • It is acceptable in this match only, (between partners,) for turns to be skipped, or coaches could use the time valuably to assist with coaching! (It is usually considered very bad form to skip turns at other times, or in other formats within the MML, especially at Pro or CL level and ordinarily this could lead to board action.)
  • At the end of the tournament if the match between a pairing is played successfully, as per the above rules, 1 loss will be struck from that pairings joint record.

Please note that the sequence whereby paired coaches meet could be ‘unfair’ and uneven due to the random match draws. This cannot be helped in any way by those running the tournament.

Who Wins?

  • At the conclusion of the competition victory will be decided, not according to the in game table, but according to the following criteria:
  • The pairing with the most wins. (Total between both entrants in a pairing.)
  • If more than one pairing is matched on wins then the pairing with the fewest losses, in total, will be declared the winner.
  • If both pairings are matched on total number of wins and total number of losses then the primary entrants of each pair will play in a one off knockout style match to determine the winner.


Both entrants in the winning pairing will receive a $10 PSN voucher

Please note: This tournament is meant primarily for fun! – It is not an indication of any coaches having lesser or greater coaching ability. Divisions into ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ participants is absolutely not intended to suggest any coach is superior or inferior to another. – It is merely a division that is being used to assist in the administration of the tournament and to hopefully help newer coaches do what it says on the tin: ‘Meet and Greet!’



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