MML Presents: Live Commentary

As the finale draws near we believe that the season 2 of the MML deserves a proper send off thus we give you:

Leathyndra and Mgiteau’s Bowlcast

That’s right Mgiteau head coach of the Wicked Forest Conference champions the Roquefort Ramblers and Leathyndra head coach of the Overconfident Darkmoon Blades will be streaming the match on one of our Twitch channels whilst providing live commentary of Nuffles grace.

As an additional bonus in order to practice I shall be casting the Leaping Lizards VS Roquefort Ramblers game being played tonight.

Bonus features:

  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Probable scoring
  • Confusion
  • Bad advice
  • Insults

and much much more.

Stay tuned for more details…