MML Qualifying Competition for the Blood Bowl 2 World Cup 2018

Yes! You read this correctly! The MML has been selected as a league to have representation in the Blood Bowl 2 World Cup 2018, which is amazing news! The actual number of entrants that the MML will be able to put forward to represent us, at this prestigious event, has not yet been announced but we are making arrangements to select coaches to represent us! The MML is therefore officially able to announce a new MML Blood Bowl 2 2018 World Cup qualifying competition with the following rules:


  • Any coach who is a member of the MML community is eligible (click here to JOIN), as long as they also meet the following criteria:
  • Participants must be aged 18 years, or older.
  • Should a participant be legally classed as a minor, whilst also being aged 18 years or older, in their local jurisdiction, then authorisation for participation must be provided by their parent. (Should you fall into this category, please seek further details from an MML Board Member.)
  • The age criteria is due to the rules of the Blood Bowl 2 World Cup 2018.
  • Any coach wishing to enter the tournament must submit, to the MML website, a short introduction story which covers their teams background and motivation to be included in this event. (This is very much in keeping with the ethos of the MML.)
  • Coaches can enter the tournament, even if they do not wish to be an MML representative in the Blood Bowl 2 World cup. Any coach who does wish to represent the MML should, however, be aware that if they are selected that they will be required to play any Blood Bowl 2 World Cup matches on a pc or mac. (Steam codes can be provided, if required.)

Tournament Format

  • The Qualifying tournament will be a Weissen format.
  • The tournament will also be a regeneration style tournament.
  • All teams will be custom teams subject to the following additional rules:
  • Coaches may elect to add up to 3 ‘normal rolled’ skill upgrades to any of their players. (All three could be placed on a single player or across multiple players.)
  • Coaches may elect to add one ‘double rolled’ skill upgrade to any of their players. (This could be in addition to any combination of the ‘normal rolled’ skills.)
  • With all skills added the team must then not exceed 1200 tv.
  • A team may enhance their stadium or buy stadium upgrades but in so doing, must deduct the cost of this from their tv. (A team with a level 2 stadium and an enhancement must therefore not have a tv in excess of 1000.)
  • During play there will be no restriction on inducements. Any allowed within the game may be selected.
  • The tournament will run for 8 weeks, commencing on the 2nd of April 2018.

Additional Rules

  • All games will be played on a weekly basis, the ‘rollover’ of this Qualifying tournament will be in line with the league. (The schedule will be advanced on each Monday morning. (UK time.))

The MML reserves the right to force a result in certain circumstances:

  • If a game fails to take place because one team no-shows the match and the coach cannot be contacted to reschedule:
    • No-show will lose to show.
  • If neither team shows, and neither team can be contacted to reschedule or if both teams agree to have the League manage the entire match because they cannot play the game in the allotted time:
    • The match is managed as a Draw.
  • Failure to play two matches will result in a team being replaced.
  • The coach of any team that plays all games they are eligible to play within a competition will be awarded 50 Bonus tv for the next season of the MML, following the competition.
  • Should a coach need to be replaced a new coach will be drafted by the league. They will not be eligible to ‘inherit’ the former coaches record, but will remain eligible for the bonus tv award from the league. (This will make it very unlikely they will be eligible to be selected to represent the MML, as per the winning criteria below.)

Winning Criteria and Selection to Represent the MML at the Blood Bowl 2 World Cup 2018

  • At the conclusion of the competition, tickets for the Blood Bowl 2 World Cup 2018 will be awarded strictly based on where a coach appears in the tournament leaderboard. The first ticket will be awarded to the coach who is at the top of the table. The second ticket to the coach who appears second etc. (Assuming the MML receives multiple tickets.) If an eligible coach does not want to or is not able to accept their ticket then the ticket will be awarded to the coach who appears next on the leaderboard.


  • Registration is now open. This will run until March 31st 2018.
  • Teams should request a ticket from the ‘holding’ competition, prior to the commencement of the tournament. (Entitled the ‘MML World Cup Holding’ Competition.) This competition can be found within the main MML League on the PS4. – This is so that registrations can be processed and teams can be checked for compliance with the rules.
  • Teams will then need to be available to be transferred from the holding competition to the main qualifying competition on the 31st of March or 1st April 2018, (For a 2nd April 2018 commencement of the competition.)




  1. i´m the coach for a gret elf pro team called Arnheim lakers i´m a MML member and older than 18, my team was born few years ago in Arnheim a high elf empire colony and they like Blood bowl. the rich comerciants and buisness elf founded this team, they don´t have the money like high elf but just they need two minuts for kill the match, they were a finalist the last Open of Naggaroth,but the Arnheim Lakers wants more,they wants to play the world cup 2018 and to show to the High elf, who plays Blood Bowl better, they wants to leave to be the forgoten and to be the remembered, i hope that this is the place for ask my place in the world cup i will ask too in Ps4

  2. Era por la tarde, llovia en Naggaroth, no era el comienzo ideal del partido de blood bowl que se disputaban los Arnheim Lakers y los New Ork Nicks en las semifinales del open de Naggaroth, les tocaba recibir el balon a los orcos, el receptor Estrella Ethaan Magic Johansun se disponia a efectuar el lanzamiento, mando una señal al blitzer y entrenador del equipo Urian Laijkonik, y ejecuto una jugada de Blitz, cogieron a esos cerdos verdes desprevenidos ,avanzo hasta el balon que se dirigia cerca de Grunch pase torcido, el lanzador orco y lo noqueo, Magic johansun corrio como una flecha silvana y se hizo con el balon, por la izquierda lo dobló el receptor wilt Chamberlain, pero los New orks no lo ivan a permitir facilmente, Patrick quebrantahuesos Ewing se abalanzó a placar a Johansun , antes de llegar a el , el receptor estrella se desizo del balon con un giro de muñeca realizando una asistencia magistral a chamberlain, el placaje fue brutal, oyendose el chasquido de la rodilla de johansun, afortunadamente el balon estaba en posesión de chamberlain que llego anotar con una carrera impecable i afortunadamente para los Lakers su curandero le salvó la rodiila a su receptor estrella, esta vez, el marcador reflejaba el uno a cero y los Lakers todo y tener a un rival de lo mas violento no se ivan a amedrentar ni se detendrian allí,querian mas, querian el trofeo,querian el mundo a sus ligeros pies.

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