MML Reborn

The MML has been around for quite a some time now, five years to be exact. We’ve seen it grown, shrink, explode and mature over that time period. The MML has always made strides to be at the front of all Blood Bowl leagues, and the thriving community and has blossomed over the years is proof of that.

With these things in mind, the MML is now looking to evolve into its next phase and re-define itself. With Blood Bowl 3 in the rumor mill and other projects coming the MML is looking at this time to enact some changes, we hope for the better! We have taken feedback, suggestions and insights from our community and transformed our ruleset and structure. The following are notes from that change, effective at the end of Season 22.

  • Fair Play now includes the Code of Conduct.
  • The Code of Conduct:
    • Lays out definitions about sportsmanship and fair play
    • Defines instances and circumstances to receive a Warning, Yellow Card or Red Card
    • Defines a system for adjucation of disputes and punishments
  • Pro League Play
    • Bowl games have been removed form the Pro post-season
  • Challenge League Play
    • Playoffs/Championship have been removed from the Challenge League post-season
    • Bowl games have been added to the post-season
    • Translation: the Challenge League will play a regular season, and bowl eligiable teams will play in bowls, there is no other post season for the CL.
  • Pro League Promotion
    • CL teams tapped to be promoted to the Pros can now decline promotion and stay in the CL.
  • Bonus TV
    • Bonus TV (bTV) has been removed.
    • Bonus TV (bTV) will no longer be given out to coaches/teams, all prior accumulated bTV is not retained and cannot be used.
  • League TV Cap
    • Returning teams can add 150 TV to the League TV Cap when determining their TV Cap for the upcoming season.
    • This means if a coach brings back the same team they had in the last season (meaning the season just prior to the season they wish to register for) they can increase the TV Cap by 150 for their team.
  • Pro TV Cap
    • Set to 1800 TV.
    • Note that returning teams would have a 1950 TV Cap.
  • Challenge League TV Cap
    • Set to 1500 TV
    • Note that returning teams would have a 1650 TV Cap.
    • A minimum TV to enter the CL is established.
  • Marketplace
    • Farm-to-Farm transfers have been removed.
  • Trophy Case
    • Teams need 4 complete consecutive seasons to be admitted (up from 2)
  • League Offices
    • Created the position of Referee.
  • All teams in the Trophy Case that do not meet the revised criteria will be released from the Trophy Case and may request access to the Farm.
  • League Format:
    • Pro League
      • Returning teams can register to return to the Pros.
      • Vacant slots will be offered to returning Challenge Leage teams, and then
        • Teams with 8 or more total season in the MML (Pro/CL) can register for the Pro season.
          • If enough teams are not found to fill the league from this pool, then the number of seasons will be reduced to 7, then 6 and so on until the Pro league is filled with teams with “seniority”.
      • Teams must conform to the new TV cap rules (See above quick reference and the Rules & Regualtions).
    •  Challenge League
      • The CL will be split into two competitions:
        • Legacy Competition:
          • This competition is open to current CL teams to wish to return to the CL.
          • TV Cap will be set at 1650 for all teams (as they are returning).
        • Reborn Competition:
          • This competition will only accept New team entries. New teams are fresh teams that have never played a game and start at 1000 TV
    • Promotions/Relegations
      • These will be eased to a best efforts basis until a period of stabalization is reached.
      • If there is need to back fill vacated spots in the Pro League, teams will be polled and drawn from the pool of “seniority” around the league.
        • If this pool is depleated or yields no teams, then teams will be sought in the Legacy Challenge Competition, etc.
      • If there is need to back fill vacated spots in the Challenge League, new teams can be submitted by coaches for entry.

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