MML Stunty Cup!

Since the release of Legendary Edition there has been one MML Charity competition that has been most requested! One show on the Blood Bowl pitch that coaches far and wide have wanted to see! – Total mayhem wrought, The roar of the crowd, the adulation of the fans! – The Stunties, and their large friends, are coming! Which amongst them will win and hold aloft, in their very small hands at the end of their very small arms, the MML Stunty cup!


The MML Stunty cup will be a knockout competition.


Team Composition

Teams from the following races are eligible. (Please note that teams must conform to composition rules.)

  • Halflings – No special requirements
  • Goblins – (Please note that the goblin bombadier is currently bugged with no confirmation on a date of fixing. Goblin teams should therefore not utilise a bombadier until this has been fixed. – All other players are acceptable. (Please also note that the star player bombadiers are not currently bugged and thefore can be induced.)
  • Ogres – No special requirements
  • Underworld Denizens – The team may only comprise of the Warpstone Troll and Underworld Goblins
  • Lizardmen – The team may only comprise skinks. (The Kroxigor is not permitted, for game balancing reasons.)


Team value will be irrelevant, in terms of eligibility. Prior to admission to the tournament teams may have played up to, but not exceeding, 5 MML Farm matches, and will be eligible to return to the farm at the conclusion of the competition. (As long as farm tickets are requested within two weeks of the close of the competition.) (Fresh teams are also perfectly welcome to join.)


Some thought has gone into inducements and whilst it is recognised that this could have a seriously unbalancing effect on the game, all inducements will be allowed to be utitlised. Coaches should be aware of this going into the competition and be prepared to manage these possibilities with each match.

How do I join?

To assess the size of the competition required a discord DM should be sent to Josiah_Frost, stating that you are interested.

Start Date

The competition will run shortly after the conclusion of the current New Year’s Resolution Competition. (Approximately 3 weeks from the date of this publication.)


$10 PSN voucher and special, racially relevant, discord name.

Good luck to all and may all your team mates land true!

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