MMLPro Talk – Episode 14 [S5 Ep02]

We’re back!!! This time we have Coach Thunden and Coach Hezekiah87 dropping some knowledge…or whatever our way. We’re happy to be back on track with podcasts and hope you enjoy the show and the MML!!!







  1. Great show guys. Always in the farm….true! After 15 years of being in the wilderness I’m currently in that honeymoon phase with the game again. All because Gerdleah loves Milk…I mean MML!

  2. Great work guys, really enjoyed that. Also thanks for those kind words about my first pro game

  3. Awesome show, guys! Thank you for my mentions and your kind words. I also utterly loved, of course, the optimal or suboptimal game! Was amazing! Yes you talked about Necro enough Hez. 🙂 I also feel the pain of the dorfs… I was scheduled 3 dorf teams back to back…. But, yes, awesome job!!! 🙂

  4. Great job guys! Not ANY talk of the GREATEST team to play! #Keeping Bretonnia irrelevant!

  5. Great work guys! And I don’t care how hard Hez tries to sell them, Dorfs are NOT FUN!!

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