MMLPro Talk – Episode 16 [S5 Ep04]

This week Coach Doneagle and SeriousJest go lay down the gauntlet in a marathon of chat, gibberish and MML related (as well as non-MML related) blood bowl news, statistics and jargon. You won’t want to miss this one!





  1. Half way through the podcast. Great job!!
    Fan factor clarification. LRB 6. Fan factor goes up and down by dice rolls after match. Winner must roll above their current FF on THREE D6 with a +1 modifier for winning the match. Losing and tying team rolls TWO D6 and must roll at or above their current FF to avoid losing a FF point

  2. EDIT I think I was mistaken about the +1 momodifier for winning. Hence why FF is capped at 18.

  3. Final EDIT. Looked up the rule post-match FF roll. Winner rolls THREE dice to go up or stay the same. Loser and ties roll TWO dice. Loser can only stay the same our go down in FF. Ties can go up, stay or go down.

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