More details about the assassin

Teams who’s players are eligible for assassination

  • Reptile Dysfunction coached by Hezekiah87 race Lizardmen.
  • Thee Grandiose Gladiators coached by TigerShark4NU race High Elves.
  • Champions of Valhalla coached by Shadow_Webster race Norse.
  • Norse Leap Till Brooklyn coached by Bortbot87 race Norse.
  • Princes of Arioch coached by Sacerdotalist race High Elves.
  • Repulsive Ratlings coached by Stuffnjunk87 race Skaven.
  • Greendale Human Beings coached by Seriousjest race Humans.

Now for the few rules, number one there is no guarantee that your target will be killed, number two I am not responsible for any rage caused (don’t think this will really be a issue just covering the bases), number three my players may not be targeted for assassination.

Contact me via direct Messages on psn or via gmail at Chase out





  1. The Repulsive Ratlings and coach StuffnJunk will treat any assassination attempts as C.A.T.S. aggression and will respond with the full wrath of the Horned Rat!

  2. bah bring it norse are outside your “jurisdiction” and what wrath? you mean your gutters failing gif’s and dying? #ratsdonegfigood

  3. Seems rather nefarious to me…and a darned good way to get your own team destroyed. #PlanBackfired

  4. we shall see jest…… souls has been filling in for we who die in the farm who just killed the gotelbeb gladiators

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