More Drama for Drumph and Mousillon? (This is Exhausting!)

Mousillon, Bretonnia

News out of Mousillon following the Week 6 game between the Morningstars and the Grandiose Gladiators has been sporadic after the tied match dashed any hopes of Mousillon making the playoffs.  Team owner, Count Drumph had gone into seclusion (It’s been a busy week…These things don’t write themselves!) following reports that his surprising (#NotARascist!) hiring of Elf Mercenary Star player, Dolfar Longstride was less-than-popular among Head Coach Sturmjarl and the Morningstar players.

“Hiring an Elf player to play against his own kind was not MY call,” Coach Sturmjarl said to an unspecified source; breaking Drumph’s media ban.  “With all due respect to Count Drumph and the Kannolis (Yummmm..Cannolis…drool), I need to coach this team MY way… without interference from ownership.”

Count Drumph had not been heard from for many days after the devastating tie (can a tie really be devastating?). Many outside Bretonnia speculated that Drumph was actually embarrassed (*scoffs* Never!) about hiring Longstride, on the advice of the Kannollis( who are enamored by all beings with Agility 4).  Only one twerp was sent out by Drumph regarding the Grandiose game and Longstride, claiming Dolfar’s “treachery”as well as alluding to the Elf player’s sub-par play reeked of “collusion” with his High Elf brethren.

But the M.M.L. schedule rolls on regardless of any one team’s record. Week 7 brings the undefeated and playoff bound Just Norsin Around to Mousillon Memorial Stadium.


Morningstar versus J.N.A. match stopped mid-game on Wednesday due to a freakish blizzard and has been rescheduled for Thursday 8:30ish PM EST by proclamation of the M.M.L. as an “Unforeseen Act of God“.

Count Drumph, released a spell-cast following this announcement.

“This atrocity to Myself, the people of Mousillon and the entire M.M.L (but mostly Myself!). will NOT be stood for! The personal and vindictive attacks on ME and the Morningstars by the irredeemably corrupt Commissioner Preach and all the rest of you losers will no longer be tolerated! How can a game be stopped just when the Morningstars are about to score the go ahead touchdown against those despicable Norse?…And where did that freak snowstorm come from anyway?…It hasn’t snowed in Mousillon in 10 years?? (*cough* Norscan Weather Shaman) How convenient for Coach CommieCOZY to keep his undefeated record! (*cough* tainted),” Drumph screamed.

“I hereby announce MY…*ahem*… I mean Coach Sturmjarl’s (*cough* STILL MINE)… candidacy for the M.M.L. Coaches Board! Only I….I mean Coach Sturm…. can bring the character (oh he’s a character, alright!) and integrity (well…at least I spelled it right..) back to the M.M.L.”

#Making Bretonnia…and The M.M.L. Great Again!


  1. Fr:TheRealDrumph:
    The Revolution will NOT be televised! (or actually happen at all) 😜

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