More_Shots Bloodweiser Bowl Press Conference

Transcript 1-15-17
(More_Shots walks out to the podium)

More_Shots: I know you guys must be wondering why I’m here doing a press conference after avoiding them for over 6 months.  Well, it’s not cause I like you guys…cause I don’t.  The press has misused and misrepresented every word they have heard from me since the first time I’ve spoken from behind a podium.  But, it was under the orders of the owner, Bill COWher himself that I made myself available today to announce to you all the very important news.  With 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 lose to our arch-enemy Titans… The Power Hour will proudly return to the land of neverending beer!  We are going to our 4th BLOODWEISER BOWL!!!!

Reporter #1:  Sir, you aren’t going to the bloodweiser bowl… early rumors are that the Titans will get that honor or maybe the Walking Dead.

More_Shots:  WHAT!?!?!?  That can’t be!  We earned our bowl game!  They can’t give it to someone else!

Reporter #4:  You are being sent to the playoffs.

More_Shots:  NO! They can’t make us!  All the team wants is our endless beer.  We worked all season for it.  They can’t take it away now.  We earned it.  Is there endless beer at the playoffs?

Reporter #1:  No, You might not even be allowed to bring your beer cart depending on seeding and opponent.

More_Shots:  This might be the worst day of my life.  Just when I thought I had actually achieved something they take it all away from me.  No beer… No Bowl Game… Next you’ll tell me you don’t know who or when I’ll play.

Reporter #6:  It hasn’t been released yet but, rumors have been frying around that it will be the Leaping Lizards.

More_Shots:  We are truly lost then.  I can’t bet them without booze.  Nobody was able to beat them this season.  If we can’t win then we will have to do the next best thing and go down swinging.  It might not be what the fans want or what the league wants.  But, if you taken everything a man has then you’ve left him with nothing to fear.  They can have their playoff game… but, we don’t have to play by the rules then.  We can play by our RULES!!! Give us our BLOODWEISER BOWL or suffer our WRATH!!!



  1. Gaesmal will be your greatest suporter for this game, errr… Would it be possible to get another free invitation, maybe?

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