More_Shots Has Shocking Admission

More_ Shots Week 8 Postgame Press Conference

Transcript for 3-8-16 Press Conference

More_Shots: Let’s get right into this. (Cracks open a beer) First question!

Reporter #1: Can you confirm that you gave the Quelaang’s Khorne Flakes players gifts before the game?

More_Shots: Why are you here? Someone needs to fire you or kill you or feed you to a troll. I’m not going to answer any of your question. I’ve told you time after time “We are following ALL current rules of the league.” Now leave me alone.

Reporter #1 (Whispers to Reporter #2)

Reporter #2: Umm.. Mr. More_Shots… I … I was wondering if maybe … If you feel like it I mean. Could you share with us what the gifts might have been that you gave to the other team?

More_Shots: I gave them some spiked neck collars and spiked wristbands to make them look tougher. I know that the Bertonnian race hasn’t been getting a lot of respect around the league and I felt the spikes would help with that.

Reporter #1 (Whispers to Reporter #2)

Reporter #2: After the game some of the Khorne Flakes players reported that anytime they approached the end zone to score they received a massive electrical shock from the collars you gave them. At the end of the first half when a Quelaang’s Khorne Flakes player attempted to score an easy walk in touchdown he received a shock so gratuitous that it took the entire halftime break to return to consciousness. Is any of this true?

More_Shots: Are you asking me if I put electrical dog collars on my opponents players and buried sensors on the goal line making it impossible for them to score? Cause the answer is YES!!! Do you seriously think that his player would have failed that TD just by chance? This game was fixed from the start. Have you seen our rankings in the coaches poles? They have us 17th!!! They dropped us 3 spot after our week 7 tie.  Meanwhile the Treehawks moved up 5 spots after a loss!!! We needed the win and I was gonna take any measure needed to get it.

Reporter #3:   Can you elaborate on moving from the East to the West?

More_Shots: I have not comment on that at this time.  I’m happy to get a win and have our players all health for a bowl game.  At least I think all the players are health. I’ll talk about the big more after the bowl game. I will see you all again next week… Except for you (Points at Reporter #1)