More_Shots Offseason Press Conference

Transcript 5-27-16

More_Shots: Thank you all for gathering.  It was been a busy week in the MML and I’m sure you have a lot of questions.

Reporter #8:  Congrats on you bowl win.  How does it feel to win back to back Bloodweiser Bowls?

More_Shots: It feels great. I’m happy for the team, the fans and Bloodweiser.  They have been a major supporter of our team and my habits.  They went the extra mile and installed sideline beer stands.  Treehawks are a tough team, I mean both teams barely missed the playoffs.  The league felt it would make an excellent bowl match up and I think they were right.  We honestly didn’t have the team fully prepared for them.  We failed to stop them from scoring in the first and we also failed to get quality blocks on them most of the game.  We ended up grinding out the 2-1 win with some luck and a blessing or two from Nuffle.  They are a top notch team and Sacer is an excellent coach.  We look forward to being better prepared from them next year.  Cause, this game could have went either way.

Reporter #6:  Last year you added Knob Creek and Odell BeckRAM Jr to the team in the offseason.  Will you be adding more players this year.

More_Shots:  We intend to make adjustments.  Knob Creek was a huge part of our success this year.  But, we can not rely on him as much moving forward.  He has gained the attention of the league and many coaches have started targeting him.  Odell BeckRAM had a good year as a back up and has learned a lot from MarSHEEP Faulk and Jack Daniel’s.  We expect this next season to be his break out year and think we may become our long term solution at running back.

Reporter #7:  Your team finished the season with 5 wins, 4 ties and no loses.  Do you consider it to be a success?

More_Shots:  We did many things right and we had many things we would take as a success.  Much like last year we will use this season as a stepping stone as we strive to be better next year.  We did want to be in the playoffs and that is something we failed at.  We had a tough schedule this year and next year will be more of the same.  I look at the Iron Leagues teams this offseason and I see teams that are proving how tough this year was.  Caven has guided the Wrecking Kru to a win over a tough TMNL team in the playoffs and Commie and the Ref Fangs won in the Gobbo Gamble fight over a high TV Nevermoor Ravens team.

Reporter #5:  You have been seen at many bowl and playoff games interacting with sideline Apos.  This and the ineffectiveness of the post season Apos, have coaches asking questions about your involvement with the Apo union and if you should be removed as League Apothecary.  How do you respond to this?

More_Shots:  I don’t feel I need to respond.  I have don’t nothing wrong and the Apos are acting in accordance to the current Apo union contract.  Treating some of these injuries isn’t really an exact science.  They are doing their best.  If the coaches have an issue with that then maybe they should try playing without one.

Reporter #3:  Recently you have been named as General, Bloodreaver for the Chaos Grand Alliance in the upcoming Age of Sigmar Tournament.  How did that come about?

More_Shots:  I was contacted by Herr Preach about his intentions to take hostility toward the Chaos Alliance.  He laid out some rough rules and they sounded agreeable.  After the short conversation I went back to regular my tasks of the day.  You know drinking to excess and making bad decisions.  Next thing I know I wake up half naked with a pounding  headache and a goblin sitting on my nightstand.  The pounding in my head was only outdone by the pound at my gate.  Over the course of a blackout drunk night a full army of Chaos coaches had assembled and where ready to take up the challenge.  I took in as many as I was able, even surrendering my place on the front line.  Sadly, I still had to send some coaches away.

Reporter #0:  Has it been difficult working with such a large group of coaches?  What is it like in the closed door meetings?

More_Shots:  Look I’m not going to give away any of our plans or secrets.  But, I will say this… the coaches that have assembled for the Chaos side are skillful and passionate.  They have come together quickly as a team and impress me more and more with their commitment to the cause.  I know that this group of coaches are going to do great things.  We will all emerge as better coaches and managers from this.

Reporter #9:  Are you looking forward to some time off, with the season 4 not starting till next month?

More_Shots:  It’s true that the pro league will not be starting back up for some time.  Preparing the Chaos forces for war will keep me plenty busy.  Also, as League Apothecary I have a lot of book keeping to do in the offseason.  I will taking on a new role with managing the leagues Transfer Market.  Which will be opening this Sunday… possible Monday depending on hangovers.  (Cell phone rings) *More_Shots answers as he walks off and you can faintly  hear something about Bruta*