More_Shots Plea Deal Done

Dear Power Hour fans,

After an extremely long and heated plea deal negotiations The State vs More_Shots a.k.a. Don Jamaica have reached and agreement.

The district attorney is a know #OneTribe supporter and was difficult to deal with on several topics.
Johnnie CochRAM on the behavior of More_Shots has accepted an Alford style plea.
This will allow More_Shots to avoid any admission of guilt and hopefully allow this entire mess to be put behind him.

This deal had some unusual conditions:

More_Shots will serve 3 months jail time (To be served in the Death Valley Corrections facitlity Orcatraz)
More_Shots will is allowed work release to coach the Power Hour and PH based Farm Teams (The Power Hour will be forced to join the Death Valley Conference)
More_Shots will is limited to 1 drink per day (The medical staff warned that taking all alcohol away may be to great of a shock to his system and could lead to death)
More_Shots will has been stripped of his negotiating powers with the APO union and is forbidden to have contact with active APOs during games. (More_Shots has been reduced to a common secretary)
More_Shots will serve community service of 10 hour (This time is to be served announcing games)
More_Shots will not be allowed direct contact with the press (This was asked for by More_Shots)
More_Shots will attend substance abuse classes (We aren’t sure why, pretty sure it’s not going to help)
The Power Hour will wave the “Never Sober” clause from More_Shots contract (Bloodweiser stock plummets)

More_Shots a.k.a. Don Jamaica will now be sentenced and sent to Orcatraz. He will be known and inmate 0071917 for the duration of his stay.


  1. As Coach of Wrecking Kru, I feel it is a harsh sentence for Power Hour to leave the Iron League. This punishes not only him, but us as well. Our greatest motivation to be great will be in another conference. #cruelandunusualpunishment

  2. as a promoter of the apo cartel (how else will we keep elves and shaven under control) I’m more then willing to take the reins for you shots and am more then happy to give them back when you want them

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