More_Shots Post-Game Week 1

More_ Shots Week 1 Post-Game Press Conference
Transcript for 3-30-16 Press Conference

More_Shots: (Walks in carrying a large bag) Let’s try and make this quick I have to send a package to a friend after this.

Reporter #2: Your team scored an uncharacteristic 3 touchdowns this game. What has changes have you made to see such a drastic increase in scoring from last season when you failed to score for a 3 game stretch?

More_Shots: We have never scored 3 times in a game before today. It’s not something our team is built for. We tend to play a more defensive game and wait for the other team to make a miss step. But, when you are matched up against a high flying team like Mauz you have to adjust your game plan. I’m not saying we planned on scoring 3 TDs. But, we knew that to have a chance to win we’d need more than 1. Next?

Reporter #4: Can you comment on the how the new players preformed and if there will be more changes to the lineups in the future?

More_Shots: What can a say about Knob Creek… He has something special, I think he is going to be a real star in this league and I think at the end of the year he will be a shoe in for rookie of the year and may be in the running for other awards. Odell BeckRAM Jr. played a solid game and is fitting in nicely. He will most likely be coming off the bench in future games once Michael StrayRAM returns to the active lineup.

Reporter #3: The Mauz scored 3 flashy TD’s on your defense, can you comment on that?

More_Shots: What is there to say? The Mauz players are extremely talented and specialized. Not many can leap over your players head for a touchdown and then later take a kick from a few yards out of their end zone and successful move the ball all the field for a 1 turner. The Power Hours players played well and had good positioning. The rat players talents are almost impossible to stop some days. Any more questions?

Reporter #4: Coach, what’s in the bag?

More_Shots: Before tonight game there was some sad news. Fellow Chaos coach and friend Whiskey_Tornado had to resign his Innsmouth Deep Ones from season 3. As a tribute to his team, me and my players are dedicating each kill this year to the Deep Ones. So, inside this bag is the head of two rats… I’m going to mail them out tonight in hopes that getting these may bring he and his players some joy in these difficult time. #ChaosPride

Game Replay Here