More_Shots Regular Season Recap

More_Shots Regular Season Recap

Transcript 5-18-16

More_Shots: I’m sure you guys have many questions about the game and the season in general. (points at a reporter)

Reporter #6: You needed a win this week to make playoffs. Your opponent didn’t seem interested in winning and looked to only be playing for a tie. How do you feel about that?

More_Shots: I feel that coach Caven did what he felt was best for his team.  I would have liked to put on a better show for the fans… But, I understand.

Reporter #4: You end the season with 4 wins and 4 ties, But miss out on the playoffs due to the Wrecking Kru having the tie breakers with their 5 wins. Do you feel that you should be the Iron League Champions and be going to the playoffs?

More_Shots: I feel we have a team that would do well in the playoffs and would make a fine Iron League Champs.  But, we didn’t do enough this season to make that happen. The Wrecking Kru did do enough and they get that honor and glory. It hurts, hurts real bad. We sat in the locker room for a good long time after the game. Each player and coach filled with a flood of different emotions. Rage, Hate, Sadness, Pride, Disappointment… As a team we played are hearts out this year. Our goal was to prove that we deserved to be a playoff team. It was to prove that we deserved to play with the likes of this league great franchises. We failed, I failed.

Reporter #8: Will you petition the league to change the rules?  You did go undefeated.

More_Shots: No, the rules are clear. We needed to turn one of the ties into a win. That is OUR failure. NOT THE LEAGUES. Look, last year Reptile Dysfunction missed playoffs with 5 wins and 3 ties, We have nothing to complain about. We will accept our bowl bid and move on to next season.

Reporter #3: Rumors that the team would change conferences and maybe even move back to the eastern division had been leaked from several sources. Earlier today the paperwork was filed to return to the Iron League. Did the team have plans of moving and if so why have they stayed?

More_Shots: Yes, the team did have several options of where they might move. The team moved to the Iron League to help with the over populorcsion problem. We looked into filling the spot in the Dungeon West that was left by the Grunts and also had been looking at returning to the East. After last night’s game we as a team decided that we needed to stay one more season. The Power Hour isn’t the type to grow roots and stay in one place long so after season 4 we will most likely move on again.

Reporter #5: Do you know anything about the bowl game or who you will face?

More_Shots: No clue… the league will figure that out and let us know. I almost feel sorry for whoever that ends up being. The team has a lot of pent up angry right now and last time I saw them this stirred up bodies got mutilated and a bag of heads was shipped across state lines.

Reporter #7: Will the off season bring more changes?

More_Shots: I’m sure we will make adjustments in the off season. But, let’s play the bowl game before we start talking about that stuff. That will be all for now.