More_Shots Responds

More_ Shots Week 2 Pre-Game Press Conference
Transcript for 4-5-16 Press Conference

More_Shots: Alright guys, there have been many unfounded allegations that have been leveled against me and my players recently. I will respond to this defamation and slander at this time. First, I admit my players killed 2 of the Mauz players. They did it out of self-defense. The game was going well, everyone was playing hard and nobody was getting seriously hurt. But then, out of no place the rat teams coach ordered one of his players to illegally foul one of my downed players. This infuriated my team and retribution would be swift and violent. At halftime my 4 Chaos Warriors along with new assistant coach and former player Johnnie Walker devised a plan to target the Mauz Rat Ogre for death. The plan went perfectly and soon we got our pound of flesh. Maybe we took a bit extra with killing 2. But, after the Chaos Warriors get all worked up like that it’s hard to stop them from killing more. The game ended as a tie but, we went into the rat sized locker room after the game feeling proud of the game we played. The players and I enjoyed a beer or two as they packed up their gear for the return trip home. Johnnie Walker cleaned up the empties I left on the sideline and took care of a few other tasks that needed to be done before meeting me for a quick post-game drink. At this point I was summoned to do my Post-Game Presser. I was black out drunk and really can’t recall anything I said. So, as you can clearly see neither me or any of my active players had an opportunity to do anything to rat corpses in question. We had been surrounded by reporters and cameras the entire time. DaltMc has no evidence that we had done wrong and is referencing rules that don’t even exist in this league. As I’ve stated all along, “We are following ALL current rules of the league … to my knowledge.” I’m not going to field any questions this week. The team lawyers are working on a counter suit and will be handling the legal stuff from here out. The team and coaches have moved on to Week 2 and the Celebrity Reptiles. We will post the game time and date once we know the details. Thank you for your time.