More_Shots S6 Playoffs Round 2 Post Game Press Conference

Transcript 1-27-17

More_Shots: So where do we start? It was a wild game and I’m sure you have a lot a questions. You there with the impressive mustache.

Mustache Reporter: Are you proficient with a crossbow?

More_Shots: I’ve used one before but prefer a longbow. Not sure how that relates to anything. Next?

Bearded Reporter: Does your leaping beastman plan to enter the hurdles at the next Olympics?

More_Shots: Stoli currently doesn’t have plans to play any other sports at this time. He has gotten into gardening recently and is saving gold to open a greenhouse when he retires. He is a beast of many talents. Next question? You with the loud shirt.

Loud Shirt Reporter: There are a lot of rumors right now. Is it true that Stoli tries to impress the league’s elf teams with that finalizing leap? A player at his level could thing about praying to the chaos gods for another mutation, will we see pointy ears on him?

More_Shots: Stoli is a special player and can do some impressive things. At this point we are happy with this progression as a player and I wish him all the best in the future. I highly doubt that the chaos gods would cure him with elf ears.

Mustache Reporter: Will you be filling a counter-suit?

More_Shots: A counter suit for what? Am I being sued?

Mustache Reporter: Ummm? This guy had a good question? (Points at a tall reporter)

Tall Reporter: Do you have any comment over rumors circulating that one of your players, Makers Mark, attacked three coaches this week? Coach NTB, Fnords and Thunden were brutally assaulted and Thunden in particular was incapacitated.

More_Shots: We have already faced those coaches this season and it wouldn’t benefit our team in any way to have him wasting his energy attacking a group of coaches in a bar.

Tall Reporter: How did you know the attack was done at a bar?

More_Shots: Next question…. Next question… any questions about the finals? You there little skink what’s your question?

Skink Reporter: When your beast dancer made “The Leap” was it a deliberate message to the Princes of Arioch after they pulled off a ‘Zipper’ in their semi final?!? Do you have something even more spectacular for the final??

More_Shots: That was a spontaneous thing from Stoli. At halftime, I told the team to make sure to have fun cause it might be the last game I get to coach them. We have a lot of other things to work on than touchdown dances for the finals. The Princes have only lost 1 game all season.

Loud Shirt Reporter: It looks like the finals are not played at the hour of the rabbit – is the game lost already?

More_Shots: 4:55pm was our lucky time and the rabbit was been very lucky for us this season. We will do our best this Sunday against the Princes.

Mustache Reporter: What about the allegations… um no…Your waiter from last night said you ordered dinner… any truth to that?

More_Shots: Are you that hoodie guy from last we? (Mustache reporter sprints out) We seriously need to start screening you guys. You are letting any average tramp named Steve into these things. I’ve got to get going. Bill COWher wanted me to offer an invitation to 3 former players of different teams to join him in his suite. Gaesmal of The Blitzkriegers has been invited. The Pork Attack’s War Pig has been sent an invite. Finally the famous Beastman Tra from The Innsmouth Deep Ones has been invited to the game. Hope to see you all at the game Sunday at 2:30pm EST.

(All quest asked by MML coaches)

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