More_Shots Talks Season 3

More_ Shots Off Season Press Conference

Transcript for 3-21-16 Press Conference

More_Shots: I want that reporter removed (Points at Reporter #1)
(A group of security guards drag the reporter from the room)
OK, now that we have taken care of THAT… lets begin. 🙂
Reporter #4: Congratulations on your impressive bowl win. Can you comment on the game plan or how your team performed so well.
More_Shots: We… are… on… to… Season… 3. just kidding, I’m proud of the team and their efforts. They made it look easy against a tough team. But, we are on to next season.
Reporter #2: After your Bloodweiser Bowl victory the McMurty’s signs and posters have been torn down and replaced with Bloodweiser ones. Has there been a change in sponsors?
More_Shots: During the bowl game Bill COWher (Owner/GM) had the Bloodweiser CEO with him in the visitors suite at Gotteib Grasses Stadium. They talked of many things. Some on the field stuff and some off the field stuff. A few things have chanced for the Bill COWher Power Hour moving into Season 3. One of which is that we are now sponsored by Bloodweiser…(Cracks open a Bloodweiser) THEY ARE THE BEER OF CHOICE FOR ME! 🙂
Reporter #3: You said something about on field changes … what can we expect to see.
More_Shots: First, I was not talking about installing Astrogranite. We currently don’t have that in our budget. But, Bill COWher as acting GM has made 2 major changes for season 3. He has forces Johnny Walker into early retirement after only 1 season of play and replaced him with a farm player named Knob Creek. He has also hire a new Beastman that goes by the name Odell BeckRAM Jr. Not much is know about either of these rookies, but we hope that they will bring some needed toughness to the front line and that with a 12th player we will get more opportunities to foul and cheat in other sneaky and dirty fashions.
Reporter #4: Moving to the East Division will be a major change for your team. Can you comment on your new division and next years schedule.
More_Shots: Next season will bring many new challenges to our team. Our schedule will have 4 bowl teams from season 2 and a playoff team. This will not make it easy on us. With four bashy teams making up the bulk of our schedule and a likely rematch with a bashy team if we get to play for the conference championship… We are going to need to toughen up some. Last season the teams main goal was to play in a playoff game. That is something we achieved. If we can focus and stick to our game plan each week this season we will continue to achieve our goals. Last season was about surviving; we didn’t have any pro players die in season 2. Moving forward to season 3 we look to establish the Power Hour as a top team in this league… much like the Thrones or the Titans or the Deep Ones. If we want to be viewed like those teams we need to go out onto that field and PROVE IT. So, this years goal is to #PROVEIT.