More_Shots Week 2 Post Game Press Conference

More_ Week 2 Post-Game Conference

Transcript 7-10-16

(More_Shots walks out the front door of his home dressed in a black Power Hour robe and is meet by a hand full of reporters that had been camping out his home all week)

Reporter#2: Coach, you didn’t show up at your mandatory post-game conference.  Why did you not show?

(More_Shots ignores the question and pushes his way threw the crowd to retrieve the Sunday morning paper from the roadside)

Reporter#5: More_Shots, how was it possible to defeat the defending champions?

(More_Shots again ignores the question and attempts to push thru the crowd again on his return.  He is rebuffed by the mass of reporters)

Several Reporters become impatient and start shouting out questions.

More_Shots: STOP!!! I’m done with press conferences.  I’m tired of your dumb questions and your never ending rumor starting.  I know you have a job to do.  But, there are other coaches and other teams.  I’m sure Dignity wouldn’t mind talking about themselves.  Yates Yobz could use some press.  Heck, I still don’t know who won the Challenge Championship cause you guys didn’t cover it.  Go bug that guy!  I have a job to do.  Well many jobs to do.  But, right now you are between me and last nights witch elf, so please move out of my way.

(The crowd parts and More_Shots enters the house)

(Reporters talk among themselves for a few moments about the events that had just happened)

*Front door swings back open and a Witch Elf is tossed into the grass*

(She quickly does a Jump Up and Frenzy maneuver and disappears out of sight)

(More_Shots Stands in the doorway in his robe)

More_Shots: You’re still here? … It’s over! …Go home … *waves them away* Go.



  1. Yeah, still don’t know who won the challenge cup. Heck, I didn’t even know there was a challenge cup 😀

  2. What is this challenge cup you speak of?? Also I see shots is taking the Popovich / Belichek approach to press conferences now!

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