More_Shots Week 2 Post-Game

More_Shots Week 2 Post-Game Press Conference
Transcript 4-??-16

(More_Shots walks out to the podium after being missing for several days)
More_Shots: What day is it? Can you turn the lights down some? My head is killing me.
(Lights are dimmed)

Reporter #2: Coach, you’re team came into this season looking to prove that they are a top tier team. But, you have failed to seal a victory in your first two games. What do you have to say for yourself?

More_Shots: Look, I woke up this morning with a hangover and a goblin on my nightstand… This weekend is a bit fuzzy to me. These past 2 weeks have been tough. Sure, we haven’t won any games… But, we also haven’t lost any. We have been one play away each time. It’s one tackle or one catch, that’s all we need to be 2-0. But, that being said, it’s one tackle or catch for the other teams and we are 0-2. I know this team will pull together and prove that we deserve this league fear and respect. (A assistant walks up with some pills and a glass of water) Thanks. (More_Shots quickly takes them)

Reporter #2: Follow up question… How do you explain the fans attacking your team in your home stadium? Have you lost support from your fans?

More_Shots: I remember having the perfect beer buzz at the opening kickoff. Then before we can even pick the ball up a large regiment of fans began attacking our players during a pitch invasion. I’m not sure if these fans had been hired by Mauz to sabotage our game a second time this week or if the Celebrity Reptiles fans just traveled all the ways here. Either way, I know that somehow our field had been infiltrated twice in the same week. I know that after the pitch invasions our loyal fans searched out the interlopers and skillfully removed them from the stadium. You may have noticed that after that first kick we didn’t have any issues with fans again. The fans had our back and did their job protecting our field and allowing us the chance to play the game. If we would have been attacked that way every kick we wouldn’t have been able to finish the game. We love our fans and they are the life blood of this team. Will kill for them and they kill for us.

Reporter #4: Do you feel the off the field distractions with Mauz and the legal battles effecting the play on the field.

More_Shots: Our players are professionals… they are doing their best to keep focused on the game. They are questioned constantly about these things. They hear the comments that the press make and they read the papers with the other coaches commenting about them and the ones that can’t read have the articles read to them. Several beastmen have cut out the quotes from Grandiose Gladiator blitzer and hung them in their lockers. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is carried out of this week’s game. You can’t call a beastman a “Filthy Creature” and not expect them to retaliate.

Reporter #5: This week’s game was simultaneously cast by SeriousJest on twitch. He was joined by Sestonn and they called the action live. Was this approved by the team and is this something that will become a regular thing?

More_Shots: Serious contacted us before the game and asked if the team would be alright with is. We gave him our blessing as a trial. After the game had finished our media board listened to the replay and found it very entertaining. The broadcast had a few technical issues. But, other than that it was a great broadcast. We will be in contract talks with Serious about a season long broadcast contract and possible funding to upgrade some of their equipment to help with the issue they had. I’ll keep you guys in the loop as we find out more. But, I have a long week of film study to try and figure out a game plan for these High Elves. I’ll talk with you guys later.