More_Shots Week 4 Mid-Game

More_Shots Week 4 Mid-Game Press Conference Transcript 4-18-16 Midway thru the Second Half

(Visibly drunk More-Shots turns to the crowd)

More_Shots: This seems to be going well. I got a busy night ahead of me let’s get this out of the way. First Question!

Confused fan #1: Shouldn’t you pay attention to the game?

More_Shots: No, The players are gonna take care of it. I give them the game plan… then they do I. That’s how it works!

Fan #5: Shouldn’t you be doing more to protect Knob Creek from the other team? They are trying to kill him to collect the BLA bounty!

More_Shots: HA HA HA, didn’t anyone figure it out? IT’S A TRAP!!! (cracks open a beer) There is no bounty, the anonymauz coach was me. I clearly set it up to look like Mauz. I wanted Coach Commie to focus on Knob so that we could keep him distracted and score more touchdowns. See what Red Fang is doing there? They focused on Knob. And Who has the ball… Not Knob. That is why you have a game plan kids. NEXT!

Assistant coach: Should we start fouling?

More_Shots:  Did you know they have a beer stand on their sideline?  We should get one like this at our stadium! If that Gobbo or Thrower still around? Cause you can stomp them… don’t stomp the Troll or Orcs… that just pisses them off. NEXT!!!

Cheerleader #6: Go Fury Go! Go Fury Go! GO FURY GO!!!

More_Shots: Someone shut her up… (cheerleader is dragged away by Horny Siragusa) Anymore questions?

Bongo Orc #13: You think you team go to win?

More_Shots: Yeah, Bongo man I think my team is “go to win.” I know you’re a fan of the Fury and they are a good team. But, the Iron League is full of green skins and they sent me in to bring balance to the orcs. I guess I better get back to the game. Thanks for coming out for the game everyone. Bet the press is gonna be pissed when I don’t show up later. HA HA HA (More_Shots turns back around and motions to Johnnie Walker to bring him a beer) SOMEBODY HIT SOMEBODY!!!