More_Shots Week 6 NO Game Press Conference

More_Shots Week 6 NO-Game Conference

Transcript 5-9-16

(More_Shots walks out to the podium)

More_Shots:  It has been over 10 days since I have last spoken to you all.  It has been over 10 days since the Power Hour has last taken the field.  We have reached out several time to this weeks opponent.  But we have not heard any replies from Da Orcs of Rome or their head coach eddyeddy202.  It is our understanding that both the team and the coach have somehow disappeared into thin air.  We will be ready, if the team should reappear tonight to play the game.  But, we feel confident that they will not be heard from. First question?

Reporter #4:  Is it normal for teams to just disappear in the middle of the season like this?

More_Shots:  Normally a team can still be contacted and many times it’s a case where their financial backers have given up on the team and pulled funding.  If you can’t pay the players then they aren’t going to play.  Other times we see teams simply be killed off during the game.  But, I haven’t heard many cases of a team and staff just disappearing.

Reporter #4:  Last season the Merthyr Shock’n’Ore had several issues with equipment during the week you were to play them.  It took some last minute miracle fixes from a full team of wizards to allow the game to be played.  It would seem that you opponents seem to run into very bad luck on the week they are scheduled to play you.  Do you not find this strange?

More_Shots:  First, I have said it before and I’ll say it again… “We are following ALL current rules of the league.”  Now, we live in a strange and unknowable universe.  Nuffle puts twists on all our lives.  It maybe the Nuffle is doing her best to protect our opponents from the harm that may befall them if they play against us.  I am but a pawn in her game.

Reporter #2:  Do you know what happened to Reporter #1?  That is another person that disappeared after crossing your path.

More_Shots:  I have no clue who are talking about.  That name doesn’t ring any bells.

Reporter#2:  They where a reporter that covered you during season 2.  You had them dragged away and they haven’t been seen since.

More_Shots:  No comment… next topic.

Reporter #6:  Are you concerned that your players will fall in the League Leaders ranks?  Some of your players showed potential to lead in categories.

More_Shots:  We do have some special players.  But, our goals are for the team.  Not individuals!  As a chaos team we need to work as a group to achieve our goal of winning.  We don’t have time to focus on stats and chasing silly records.  The only record this team is focused on is wins and losses.  We want to see the Bill COWher Power Hour written on the trophy.  Now that might now happen this year or next… But, some day if we continue to fight as a team we can make the dream a reality.   Bad Guy Out. (More_Shots walks off)